Masturbation Therapy For People Addicted To The Habit

Masturbation addiction - is masturbating a real problem or is it merely a "religious sin"? After all, there are many who believe that masturbation is normal behavior for people of all ages, and it should not be condemned, for religious reasons, nor any social shaming purposes. Sex therapists state that learning to masturbating is healthy sexual behavior, as this may help young newlyweds becoming acquainted with basic sexual education and better understand their bodies. What then is masturbation therapy?


Masturbation therapy follows the concept of masturbating being unhealthy-IF the habit begins to disrupt a person's ordinary life, daily routine and general health. Obviously, a person who injures himself in sexual pleasure, would be acting out symptoms of some kind of psychological disorder.

Masturbation Therapy for Serious Addictions

Beyond that, some doctors believe that particular instances of masturbation could be harmful-if it was directly involved with paraphilia. They called masturbation with paraphilia (sexual aberrancy) an often unacknowledged but still harmful effect. This act involves recurrent sexual thoughts, urges, or behaviors that cause impairment in social, occupational or public areas of function. Naturally, if these acts involve sexually aberrant behavior, such as pedophiliac urges, exhibitionism, sexual harassment of other people and similar instances that might be considered a crime, they become very critical.


Another issue dealt with in masturbation therapy is that of social impairment due to the prevalence of Internet porn with masturbation-which some men and women believe could be impairing their sex life, dating life, and their general dealings with other people. Some doctors even stated that masturbating to internet porn could train men to want too much variety, or even problems with delayed ejaculation, or erectile dysfunction.

Of course, these behaviors are extremes and it's also important to remember that in previous centuries, masturbation was a serious religion sin-sometimes punishable by circumcision without anesthesia, chastity belts, and extreme violence done onto children by parents, priests or other authority figures.

Getting Professional Help

The real question is, do you think these daily habits of yours are a cause for concern? Do you have negative feelings after the act, or are others reacting negatively to your habits? Do you worry about how your sexual behavior may affect your married life later on? Or do you fear problems with not being able to enjoy sex with another person because of the habit?


Masturbation therapy involves practical solutions and consultation with a professional and licensed therapist. Our chat operators at BetterHelp are doctors and therapists and are qualified to help you start addiction recovery. Don't feel guilty or live in fear of the future. Talk to someone who can help you break the addiction!

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