Would An Anxiety Chat Room Help Me Cope?

By: Julia Thomas

Updated March 26, 2020

Medically Reviewed By: Lisa Cooper

You may have run across an anxiety chat room online and wondered whether there would be any value in discussing your worries and fears with people you don't know. After all, coping with life's dangers and uncertainties is a difficult task when you suffer from anxiety. When you feel alone, every day can feel like an endless struggle. People with sunny dispositions find it hard to understand your concerns. Yet, there is hope. Help with your anxiety may come from someone you've never even met before.

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Do You Want to Overcome Your Anxiety?

It may seem silly to ask yourself if you want to stop feeling anxious. It's a horrible feeling. But, the truth is that you might find that you're not ready to let go of the fearful thoughts that keep you emotionally paralyzed. You might feel that you understand the dangers better than others, and that if you don't keep thinking about them, the worst could happen. Or, you might feel that if you think about it long enough, you'll find a way to avoid disaster. Although you may not be ready to let go of your worries, the fact that you're considering anxiety chat means that you're ready to join in the conversation.

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Do You Want to Talk to Someone Who Understands What You're Going Through?

The people who spend time in anxiety chats deal with fear just like you do. They might even feel anxious about the same things you do. They know what it's like to feel like your nerves are on fire or like you're headed for a breakdown. Be ready for people to call you out on your anxieties, though. Many of them might already understand enough about anxiety to know that much of it is groundless. As you stick with the chat room over time, you might find yourself telling others what they have told you - that it will get better.

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Finding Help Beyond the Anxiety Chat Room

People who feel the same way as you are feeling can help, but this may not be sufficient to help you address all that you are dealing with. Someone who has been trained in helping others deal with anxiety can provide a higher level of support and teach you techniques to deal with your anxiety. You can keep touching base in the anxiety chat room while working with a licensed counselor to address the negative symptoms you are experiencing.

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Healthy Communication in a Chatroom

If you do decide to interact in an anxiety chatroom for support, it is best to start with a few ground rules for your communications. First, you need to remember where you are. Remind yourself of the following considerations each time you get ready to login to the chatroom.

  1. Do you need to stay anonymous?

There are many reasons why someone might need to remain anonymous when discussing mental health issues. It is not always easy to keep people from knowing who you are, especially if you have a job where you deal with the public or a high-level job in a company or organization. Even if you are not much of a public person, talking about people by name can cause you to accidentally reveal who you are. Giving specific places and times can do the same thing. So, rather than telling details that are not essential, keep to the type of situation, what happened that caused you distress, and your feelings about it.

  1. Random means random

When you are talking to random people in a chatroom, it's likely that you don't know them. It is not certain, though. There is a chance that someone you know or someone who knows the story will wind up in the same chatroom. Remember that random means it could be anyone. Some of those people could possibly be people you know. The beauty of individual therapy is that you are less likely be in a position where you might reveal things to a friend, family member, co-worker or boss who might use the information against you or feel hurt by the things you have said. You are only talking to a therapist, whose name and reputation you know, in a secure video or phone call or live chat.

  1. Who's talking and who is listening?

When people go to an anxiety chatroom for support, they may be more interested in talking than listening. They want to tell their story and express their feelings. Few people who have conquered their anxiety continue going to these chatrooms. When they do, they rarely listen, but instead get a quick view of the problem and tell what worked for them. Although that is helpful, it does not replace a therapist who spends time just listening and seeking to understand you and your challenges. In a therapy situation, the focus is on you, how you think and feel, and what you want for yourself. The therapist takes care of their own needs apart from you, but another person in a chatroom might expect things of you that you are not able or willing to give.

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  1. Communicate clearly

You are under no obligation to say things a certain way or to say anything at all if you do not want to participate. However, if you do chat, you will get along with others and benefit more if you express yourself clearly. Your story is your story. You get to tell it however you want. Yet, if you do not get to the heart of the matter, no one will gain anything from your telling it, and they will not be able to help you in any way, either. When you express feelings, let the chatroom participants know your comments are not directed at them. If you are offering suggestions, try to be clear about whether you know something or only wonder if it is a possibility.

  1. Most chatroom participants only know what works for one person

When you go into a chatroom, you may find one or more person who has found some solutions to living with anxiety. While that is admirable, it might not help you at all. They are likely only able to speak with confidence about what they personally experienced. A counselor, on the other hand, has worked with many anxiety sufferers. They understand that each person is different. Each has different experiences, challenges, symptoms and solutions. They work with you to find the techniques and strategies that will help you specifically.

  1. All advice is not created equal

Some people in an anxiety chatroom will give you advice that makes sense and works out beautifully. Others may lead you down a path that increases your discomfort now and in the future. Just because someone tells you it worked for them, does not mean it will work for you. In fact, they may be fabricating information to sound intelligent. Within the chatroom, you need to weigh each thing you read and evaluate the information. You have a choice to listen or not- to act on it or reject it. Go into the chatroom with an open mind, certainly, but also go in with an active mind, ready to disregard bad advice.

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Another problem with advice from strangers in a chatroom is that you are not able to determine what background or knowledge this person has related to the topic. A licensed counselor can give you advice based on years of experience and education related to helping others deal with anxiety. They can share with you additional insights about anxiety that they have learned within the psychology profession. They can also support you as you make changes.

Some counselors do not spend a lot of time giving advice directly. They often create a supportive environment where you can discuss all your issues freely and openly without fear of embarrassment or judgment from others. They guide you to a better understanding of yourself and your problems so that you can come to the best conclusions for yourself.

Making the Transition from Anxiety Chatroom to Counselor

For many people, participating in an anxiety chatroom is a good first step toward bettering their mental health. Once they explore this virtual space, they realize they need more direct and professional help. Fortunately, it's easy to make the switch from chatroom to counselor. You can stop hiding details and talk more freely and openly. You can start expressing feelings you've feared would be harshly judged by people in the chatroom. You can trust what the counselor says more than you could ever trust a random person who interacts anonymously with you online. It only takes a few moments to set up your online counseling. Whether you spend time in an anxiety chatroom or not, the best source of help is from a certified professional who puts the focus where you need it - on you.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do chat rooms still exist?

Yes. Anxiety chat rooms online offer a virtual support group for anxiety sufferers and people living with anxiety. Many anxiety chat rooms are available as a free health chat option. Keep in mind that anyone can be present in an anxiety chat, there is no guarantee of privacy.

What are the best free chat rooms?

People who suffer from chronic anxiety symptoms may benefit from a public anxiety chat room or a private chat room with a licensed mental health professional. With so many anxiety support groups, the best group is relative to how well you feel and function within the group.

A quick Google search for anxiety-related chat rooms can yield thousands of search results. If the thought of trying to find a public mental health chat room online feels overwhelming -- consider a private option for online therapy.

How do you know if you have test anxiety?

If you suffer from chronic anxiety symptoms -- only around the time when you're supposed to take a test, this is an indicator that you may be suffering from test anxiety. On the other hand, if you suffer from symptoms of anxiety all the time, this may be a sign of a generalized or social anxiety disorder. General anxiety sufferers suffer from constantly feelings of worry and distress.

What is an online chat room?

An online chat room is a place where groups of people virtually meet to discuss topics of interest. An anxiety chatroom is an example of an online chat room dedicated to anxiety support chat. The goal of most anxiety chat rooms is to help people overcome anxiety.

Are anonymous chat rooms safe?

Public mental health chat rooms are open to everyone in the general public. It's recommended that you take appropriate precautions and safety measures when visiting chat rooms. Safety measures apply to every chat room online -- not just mental health chat rooms. Basic chat room safety, never share your personal information like location, financial information, or any other personally-identifying information.

What are popular chat sites?

To find popular mental health chat rooms, search online for topics including generalized anxiety chat rooms, anxiety chat rooms online, an online group for anxiety, and similar terms. Be sure to read the reviews of each social anxiety support chat to get a feel for the platform and learn the general sentiment of the chat rooms community.

What does anxiety feel like?

Generalized anxiety and social anxiety disorder can feel like an ever-present weight on your shoulders every day. People who struggle with social anxiety disorders often feel like they are in distress and often in imminent danger. It's' not uncommon or people with an anxiety disorder to have concurrent mental health conditions like obsessive-compulsive disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder.

What is a nervous breakdown?

A nervous breakdown can happen if you don't understand your own anxiety and become overwhelmed. People who have a nervous breakdown are unable to think clearly or function normally for a period of time. A nervous breakdown is a complete impairment of your mental functioning. People who are suffering from an anxiety disorder may or may not experience a nervous breakdown during their lives.

Can you self diagnose anxiety?

While it's possible for you to recognize the symptoms of an anxiety disorder, it's not recommended that you try to self-diagnose. Talk to a licensed medical or mental health professional about your symptoms if you suspect that you're suffering from an anxiety disorder.

Do chat rooms still exist in 2019?

Yes. Anxiety chat rooms are available online for people to chat online and get anxiety support from people looking for social anxiety support. Anxiety chat rooms help people suffering from anxiety disorders to learn new methods for coping with social anxiety. This is done by sharing personal experiences and learning from the experience of other social anxiety sufferers.

What's the best chat room app?

Finding the best anxiety chat room depends on your personality and comfort level with sharing your personal stories. When you join a group for anxiety, the group is made of other people seeking out anxiety chat for anxiety support and related concerns. Some people suffering from severe social anxiety may find they also suffer from chat room anxiety. If you find yourself suffering from chat room anxiety after you've joined an online group for anxiety, one-on-one in-person or online counseling may be a better option for you. BetterHelp.com provides an alternative to an online anxiety support group.

Which is the best online chat?

BetterHelp.com offers an alternative to traditional anxiety forums. One-on-one sessions with a licensed therapy provider are excellent options for people who suffer from chat room anxiety. The board-certified therapy providers at BetterHelp are highly qualified individuals who specialize in treating social anxiety and related anxiety disorders.

What is severe anxiety?

Severe anxiety disorders can leave a person feeling drained, overwhelmed and out of gas. The constant worry about impending doom (even when nothing seems to be wrong) is considered severe anxiety when the symptoms begin to take a toll on your life. People often seek out anxiety chat rooms when they aren't able to deal with the weight of having a debilitating anxiety disorder. BetterHelp.com offers an alternative to an online anxiety chat room and anxiety forums by providing 24-hour therapy with licensed and certified therapy professionals.

Can blood tests show anxiety?

When you visit a medical doctor for anxiety support or treatment, your doctor will perform a physical exam and a series of blood tests to search for certain medical conditions. While a blood test may not directly detect anxiety, other symptoms like raised blood pressure and similar symptoms give your doctor key clues to your state of mind.

What can a doctor do for anxiety?

When you leave the anxiety chat rooms and head for your doctor's office, you'll find that your doctor may treat your anxiety with a combination of medication and psychotherapy. While most doctors don't directly provide psychotherapy, they can provide you with a referral for one-on-one support. This means that you have more options outside of anxiety chat rooms.

Do Yahoo chat rooms still exist?

At this time Yahoo anxiety chat rooms and all others have been shut down. The last of the Yahoo anxiety chat rooms and all other Yahoo chat rooms online were closed in April 2019. If you're looking for new anxiety chat rooms or an anxiety support group, consider one-to-one therapy with a licensed therapist at BetterHelp.com.

People who take part in regular therapy online have shown up to a 70% improvement in their mental health symptoms. The results aren't as clear for anxiety chat rooms.

What is the most popular chat app?

The most popular chat app online today that hosts hundreds of thousands of shared and private chat rooms -- is Facebook. Facebook also has access to anxiety chat, anxiety chat rooms, and anxiety forums online. Remember to be safe and keep your location information private when using Facebook and chat rooms and anxiety forums online (for anxiety chat). Unless they say otherwise -- assume the people in your online anxiety support group aren't professionals before taking or acting on any medical or mental health advice. If you're having anxiety while inside anxiety chat rooms, there are other options available. BetterHelp.com provides 24-hour access to online therapy providers that are available for one-on-one anxiety chat. Getting started with a provider is as easy as answering a few questions and setting up your online account.

What is a chat room and how does it work?

If you're thinking about joining an anxiety chat room or anxiety forums -- it's important to understand how they work. An anxiety chat room is an online group chat environment where people from around the world connect and chat (virtually) about anxiety. The people in an anxiety chat room are other members of the community and not certified mental health providers.

How to get started: Create an account using your email address or register anonymously. Select the desired chat rooms that you want to join. Chat rooms are labeled to make it easier for you to find the right one. For example: if you're interested in anxiety chat search for "anxiety chat rooms" on the chat rooms list.

Can anxiety make you feel crazy?

People in anxiety chat rooms often report that their anxiety can make them feel crazy. Living with anxiety is often no easy task. The symptoms for some anxiety sufferers can be debilitating to the point of affecting their home life, careers, and relationships. You'll find many people in anxiety chat rooms reporting incidents of lost possessions, relationships, and jobs.

Is anxiety a mental illness?

Yes. Anxiety is considered a mental disorder. Anxiety has it's own classification in the Diagostic and Statistical manual of Mental Disorders published by the American Psychological Associations. This is why there are so many people are flocking to online chat rooms and online therapy for support. Many people in anxiety chat rooms aren't aware that anxiety is a mental disorder -- until they are personally affected by it. As a result, they often don't get the medical help they need by chatting in anxiety chat rooms and not seeking additional medical help like therapy.

What are the 6 types of anxiety disorders?

6 types of anxiety disorders include 1. Generalized anxiety disorder 2. Social anxiety disorder 3. Obsessive-compulsive disorder 4. Post-traumatic stress disorder 5. Specific phobias 6. Panic disorder. Having symptoms of one or more of these anxiety disorders is a common reason people visit an anxiety chat room online. If you join an online anxiety chat room, be prepared to engage with people who are having symptoms of any of the six anxiety disorders. If that feels overwhelming for you and you want to bypass chat rooms and opt for one-on-one therapy instead, contact a licensed therapist at BetterHelp.com.

Why are chat rooms dangerous?

It's important to keep your mental health and safety in mind when browsing public anxiety chat rooms. Never share your personal contact information or confidential information with anyone you don't know in chat rooms. The real danger of public anxiety chat rooms is that everyone can join, so you don't really know who you're sharing your personal information with.

What is the purpose of a chat room?

The purpose of chat rooms is for people from different places who share common interests to get together and share ideas, best practices, general conversation and more. When people join an anxiety chat room, they're often looking for comfort and understanding from other people who know what living with anxiety is like.

What are email and chat room abuse?

When it comes to the rules and regulations associated with an anxiety chat room, it's important to remember if you violate the chat room's terms and conditions for using the community (generally called "the community rules") your account may be flagged or banned for abuse.

Every anxiety chat room forum has its own rules and regulations. If you're going to be an active participant in anxiety chat rooms, be sure you know the rules to avoid getting flagged for abuse.

How do I protect myself from chat rooms?

The first step to protect yourself in chat rooms is to keep your personal information confidential. Don't reveal private information like your home address or phone number in public chat rooms. Remember everyone can see the information you post in public chat rooms.

Are there any free chat rooms?

If you Google "free chat rooms near me" you will find thousands of chat rooms. If you're specifically searching for an anxiety chat room, use those search terms when looking for the best chat rooms online for anxiety.

If you're looking for one-on-one private chat rooms on a secure platform consider BetterHelp. This platform offers 24-hour therapy access with licensed mental health counselors and therapists.

How can you keep your identity secret when using chat rooms?

Choose the option to register anonymously if you want to keep your identity secret when using online chat rooms. Most platforms provide the option for you to register for an account and have your user information remain private when you're engaging in anxiety chat rooms.

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