Why Do I Feel Sad For No Reason?

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Sadness is a common emotion some feel as much as once per day depending on the stimuli with which we are faced. We may hear or read a tragic news story and feel sadness for the family. We may hear of the death of a friend, extended family member, or even the death of someone belonging to a co-worker and experience sadness. These are the actual events that evoke feelings of empathy within us that make us feel sad. It is when we either wake sad, or sadness creeps upon us for no apparent reason during the course of our day that it is troubling, for we just cannot seem to put our finger on the origins.

The Subconscious Mind at Work

When sadness comes upon us suddenly during the day, there may be some subconscious reason for that. Perhaps someone has said something that on a subconscious level reminded us of a childhood event. Our brains store so much information and memories, that we never know when some visual or auditory stimulation will trigger something. We are not always aware of the actual memory being triggered, but we become acutely aware of the feeling of sadness.

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Sometimes we may wake up feeling sad. This could be due to a troubling dream. Dreams are our subconscious mind's way of working through complex issues. Our mind may have been hard at work during our sleep to help us deal with some past or current conflict that we have not had time, or allowed time to deal with during our waking hours. The waking sadness could also be due to some small, seemingly harmless event such as not saying goodnight to your child or your spouse before going to sleep. Even something as simple as feeling anger toward a pet and not patting it on the head to say you were sorry. We would not equate either of these with our sadness because they do not seem important enough; however, some individuals do not like leaving things unresolved before going to bed.

Physiological Reasons for Sadness

Feelings of sadness that persist for no reason could be related to mild or even severe depression. However, other reasons should be explored before resorting to medication. Sometimes sadness or feeling blue can be related to physical health. Anemia, or low blood iron, or hormonal imbalance can cause feelings of mild or even severe depression. It is always good to see a medical doctor for a full physical work up when feeling mentally or physically out of sorts. Blood work will often reveal the reason for feeling sad. Replacing what is missing in our diets is a healthier and safer means of dealing with sadness or mild depression than psychotropic medications.

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While the advice and care of a medical doctor are the first steps one should take if bothered by persistent feelings of sadness, having someone to talk to or who can provide resources for other help and strategies for dealing with bouts of sadness is also a good idea.

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