Jessica Vaillancourt

Educational Background

Jessica Vaillancourt holds a Bachelor of Arts in English degree from Saint Anselm College, where she achieved four semesters of Dean’s List and Magna Cum Laude honors. During her college years she was an editor and writer for The Crier student newspaper, as well as The Quatrain student literary magazine.

Professional Experience

Jessica Vaillancourt is a content writer who’s greatest joy has been building a thriving freelance writing business. Initially, her professional life began in traditional book publishing and marketing. But it didn’t take long to discover that she wanted the flexibility to select content projects that aligned with her values and goals. So she took a leap of faith and began freelance writing and editing.Her current focus is on mastering the art of writing compelling, research-based articles, blog posts, guides, and many other types of digital content. Her insatiable passion for anything related to travel, lifestyle, mental health and wellness allows her to create content that’s equal-parts inspiring and helpful to readers globally.

The greatest achievement of her career thus far has been joining the writing team. She has the pleasure of writing Advice articles on a variety of mental health topics, from depression & anxiety, to personality disorders, to stress management. Her work can also be found on prominent sites like, and many more. Find out more about her freelance writing business at You can also connect with her on LinkedIn.

My Philosophy On Mental Health & Wellness

I truly believe in the strong interconnection between mental health and physical health. Not only does scientific research show that the two are inextricably intertwined, but my lived experiences have proved this to be so.At age 22, my depression and chronic stress skyrocketed to debilitating levels. Because I’d neglected my mental health, this triggered a rare autoimmune illness that landed me temporarily paralyzed in the hospital, and in physical therapy for months.Today, I love to share this hard but important lesson with others, in both mental health articles and my personal life. We have to take an integrative approach to wellness; our minds, bodies, and lifestyles are each a piece of the larger puzzle that is our wellbeing.

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