Kristina Ellen , LPC

Professional Experience

Kristina Ellen is a licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist, Certified Clinical Trauma Professional 15+ years in the field of mental health with experience in Assertive Community Treatment, inpatient substance abuse and inpatient mental health, community health and specialized military and first responder care.

Qualified expert witness in the field of child and adolescent trauma. Kristina was nominated 3 years for North Carolina Counselor of the Year and voted 2016 Future 10 Top Professionals by SB Magazine.


Associates in Applied Science Criminal Justice 2002, Bachelor of Science Criminal Justice 2007, Master of Arts Human Services 2011

"My Philosophy on Mental Health & Wellness"

My philosophy on mental health and wellness is that it should be treated with a whole body whole mind and whole spirit approach. We are all uniquely made and no one cookie cutter method is going to work for every individual.

Each person should have their own plan for their health which includes what they are experiencing medically, spiritually and emotionally both on an internal and external level. When a person walks through my door I am treating the whole person not just on a bad day but one all of their days good and bad.

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