Aaron Horn, LMFT

Professional Experience

Aaron began his career running a summer camp and conference center. This gave him the opportunity to interact with hundreds of families and individuals who were in search of a spiritual retreat. He was at home in the woods and loved both the "busy season" and the cold winter months. After several years he moved back to Georgia to work with adolescents and families in the United Methodist Church. This was a chance to work with families on a longer-term basis and become even more involved in their lives. A few years later, he would move again and land at his current employer as the director of Family and Adult Ministries of First United Methodist Church of Lenoir, NC. For the past 15 years, Aaron has served the city of Lenoir by offering outreach and support to a variety of clients through his private clinic and public service. This job has been a place of growth and expansion for his therapeutic career.


Aaron Horn has a broad educational background. He began his studies in Athens, Georgia where he obtained a Recreation and Leisure Studies degree from the University of Georgia. This was his first introduction to systemic thinking and holistic theory. This education would later be supplemented by studying Marriage and Family Therapy at Appalachian State University in Boone, NC. While in Boone, Aaron became aware of how deeply our lives revolve around the stories that we internalize and repeat about our lives. In addition to his studies at ASU, he continued to study for two more years at Wesley Theological Seminary at Pfeiffer University. His seminary education supplemented his studies and gave him a deeper understanding of how faith intersects our lives in the real world.

"My Philosophy on Mental Health & Wellness"

Healthy marriages take work and even the strongest individuals need help sometimes. The bulk of my experience is working with adolescents and families in rural Appalachia. During that time I have seen a broad range individuals and families who were experiencing both high and low points in their lives. This experience has taught me that none of us are immune to the stress of everyday life. I believe that healthy psychotherapy can assist us in finding our own solutions to our own problems- whether those problems are internal or external, personal or relational, and individual or family oriented.  I consider it an honor to work with each individual that steps into my office. Each of our life stories is rich, vibrant and filled with both good and difficult experiences. It is my goal to discover those positive experiences and replicate them into other areas of your life.

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