Alexandra Schwier

Professional Experience

Alex has been promoting mental wellness for over a decade. Volunteering at her university’s student resource center with survivors of sexual violence sparked her passion for mental health. Since then, Alex attended a variety of mental health trainings and courses — eventually becoming a trainer for behavioral health classes herself. Alex has created and taught hundreds of hours of behavioral health trainings and now is using her background in behavioral health to write content for BetterHelp.  


Alex graduated from The University of Montana with majors in Broadcast Journalism and Spanish Literature. She also received a minor in Latin American Studies and has her CELTA certification for teaching English as a foreign language from Cambridge University.  

My Philosophy On Mental Health & Wellness

Alex is a firm believer that self-care, open dialogues, and sharing information and resources are key elements to maintaining our mental health. As a sexual assault and trauma survivor, she is passionate about educating people on mental health issues and letting people know that they are not alone in their struggles.

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