Amy Gardner

Professional Experience

Amy’s professional life has held a wealth of diverse experiences to inform her writing. She worked for many years as a French and Spanish teacher before leaving it behind to pursue work as a freelance writer and researcher.

In addition to volunteering in her church and substitute teaching in her daughter’s school, Amy now uses her wide variety of expertise on different topics to contribute to various blogs and websites. Mental health is a favorite topic of Amy’s which she has studied extensively and of which she enjoys sharing her knowledge.

Education Background

Amy earned her BA in English Language and Literature from Smith College, where she participated in the college’s prestigious Junior Year Abroad program in Geneva, Switzerland. She was on the Dean’s List and was named as a First Group Scholar. She also received the Chaucer Award.

“My Mental Health Philosophy”

I believe passionately that each person was created for a purpose. Therefore, each person is deserving of love, respect and dignity. We are all healthier, stronger people when we can find and live out the purpose for which we were created. However, doing so means identifying negative thought patterns, understanding where they come from, and working to change them. Each of us have the tools at our disposal to do so. I hope that the information provided here at BetterHelp will guide readers in overcoming harmful thought patterns and claiming the life of joy that they deserve.

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