Cessel Boyd-Lewis

Professional Experience

Cessel Boyd-Lewis has over 15 years of experience working in the Behavioral Health Field. This experience includes working with the Developmentally Disabled population, providing Mental Health services for the Department of Corrections , working with those in Mental Health and Substance Abuse Crisis, providing Care Coordination services for local Managed Care Organizations (MCOs), working with Employee Assistance Programs, providing Substance Abuse services for the Federal Bureau of Prisons and working in Private Practice settings. Cessel likes to think of her therapeutic approach as an eclectic one which includes a combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Rational Emotive Therapy, Motivational Interviewing and Seeking Safety in order to provide Person-Centered services. She has worked with individuals struggling with the following challenges: Depression, ADHD, Anxiety, Substance Abuse, Relationship Issues, Parenting concerns, Work difficulties, Grief and Domestic Violence. 

She characterizes the therapeutic process as a journey in which the client is driving the vehicle and the psychotherapist is in the passenger seat. This passenger/psychotherapist helps the client to identify resources, tools, skills and even strengths the driver has available, that were not evident before. If you are willing to drive the vehicle I am willing to come along and help improve the journey!


Cessel Boyd’s passion for counseling and helping others developed in High School. These desires lead her to obtain her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology in 1997 and a Master of Arts Degree in Professional Counseling in 2011. She is currently licensed as a Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist with the North Carolina Substance Abuse Professional Practice Board, a Professional Counselor with the North Carolina Board of Licensed Professional Counselors and a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor with the Texas Department of State Health Services. 

My Philosophy on Mental Health and Wellness”

Maintaining Mental Health and Wellness is a lifestyle that you adopt.  It is not temporary but for a lifetime! We become what we do consistently.  When we consistently direct our minds to think positive thoughts, intentionally eat healthy food, engage in meaningful activities, surround ourselves with those who make a healthy impact and take time to express gratitude for it all, we have adopted a lifestyle which promotes Mental Health and Wellness!

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