Danni Peck

Professional Experience

Danni Peck has been writing for almost eight years professionally, covering a wide variety of mental health and wellness topics.  She’s done writing for free online mental health counseling with betterhelp.com/advice for the last year as well. She is dedicated to informing people about mental health and wellness, along with informing others of different means to seek out therapy for personal issues. 

Mental health has been a big part of her life, and as a contributor to many online sources, she’s written about depression, stress, anxiety, and therapy.  While her freelancing entails other subjects, Danni does do some content writing for websites about mental health, along with pieces that target how to be happier, and how to succeed in life.

Educational Background

Danni did go to college for a degree in biology, but she turned to the world of freelancing early on.  Since she started freelancing, she learned more about life in the eight years she’d been doing it than any college course.  She does continue to read various texts on mental health and wellness to keep herself informed.

My Philosophy on Mental Health and Wellness

Mental health is something we all need to focus on and pay more attention to. Depression, anxiety, and stress along with other issues are often disregarded, and in some cases is looked down by others.  Informing the public about mental health and awareness of issues that could be a problem is important because education is the first step to making a change.

Some say that therapy “isn’t needed” or “doesn’t work” and there are even some practices that criticize the use of it. But, therapy has helped me in the past, and bettered my relationship with my husband, and it’s made life easier. I had some personal issues involving family, and by going through therapy, I was able to overcome and harness that negativity in order to live a happier life. 

Therapy should be sought out, and should be easy to obtain, and by understanding mental health and wellness, and also informing people of ways it can help you, it gives people a better idea of what they should expect, and also can help others seek out a means to better improve their lives. I want to inform others of what is out there, because sometimes people don’t know, and by educating others, it makes it less scary for them, and they’ll be more open to trying it as a result.  I want people to not be afraid to seek it out, because it is so stigmatic that people shy away from it. However, by better understanding it, you can get the help that you needin order to live a better life. 

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