Hailey Davis


Oklahoma State University

While working over 60 hours a week at three different jobs, Hailey continued to pursue a college education. Today, she continues to pursue a bachelor’s degree in marketing and a minor in business management at Oklahoma State University. Hailey uses the skills she learns in her marketing classes to capture her reader’s attention and keep them interested. She uses the skills from her business management classes to manage and grow her freelance business. Although it has been very busy to balance a college education and her own business, she has enjoyed her time in college.

Hailey says: "I believe mental health should be freely talked about and accepted just like talk around physical health is. Talking openly about my own mental health has helped me move on and heal from experiences and struggles I have had in the past. I hope to educate people on mental health through well-researched articles to help others understand that they are not alone. I want to encourage and motivate people to feel comfortable talking about what they are going through whether that be with a counselor, family member, or a friend."

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