Jacqueline Samaroo

Professional Experience

Jacqueline enjoys being able to create articles which not only share information on mental health conditions but also highlight the importance of overall wellness – encompassing mind, body and spirit. Through writing for a comprehensive resource such as BetterHelp, she encourages her readers to focus on the importance and benefits of understanding mental health.

Jacqueline is a skilled educator who has almost two decades’ worth of teaching experience under her belt. She dedicated herself to helping mold young minds while teaching at the early childhood and primary levels for over eight years. In addition to this, Jacqueline has worked as an educator at the secondary level for over eleven years; with a specific focus on Mathematics, Physics, and Integrated Science. Her skills in this field, as well as her years of experience, eventually earned her the title of Senior Teacher and the position as Head of the Mathematics Department at her high school for six years.

Jacqueline has been proficient with words long before her days as a freelance writer. During her time teaching at the primary level, Jacqueline spearheaded programs for speech and poetry. Under her guidance, several students were able to experience great success in speech and poetry competitions and one of her personally written poems even earned one of her students a silver medal at the national level.

Jacqueline has been operating professionally as a freelance writer for over eight years and during this time she has used her mastery of the English language to aid numerous clients in their endeavors. She has honed her skills at generating engaging web content, informative blog posts, and compelling articles. She has written on a wide array of topics over the years, ranging from self-help and how-to guides to articles that are centered around science and education.  

Education Background

Secondary Education: Jacqueline is a proud graduate of The Queen’s School where she earned several distinctions in her final exams from the external examination body, the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC). She also attended The Wolmer’s Girls School where she was successful in subjects at the Advanced Level of the UK-based General Certificate of Education examinations.

Tertiary Education: Jacqueline is a trained teacher, earning both her teaching diploma and degree with Honors from Shortwood Teachers College and the International University of the Caribbean, respectively.

“My Philosophy on Mental Health & Wellness”

I have always been a firm believer in the holistic nature of wellness and my interest in mental health topics stems from this. It led me to researching various areas of mental health long before I began writing on them for clients such as BetterHelp. Furthermore, as mother to a young, non-verbal child on the Autism Spectrum, I understand the importance of being able to locate reliable, well-researched information on mental health issues. I feel very personally connected to information I am able curate and share with my readers. It is my hope that through my writing I will be able to increase awareness of the diversity of mental health issues.

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