Jessica Saxena

Professional Experience

Jessie Sax has over a decade of experience as a researcher and writer. She has written several articles on the topic of psychology, mental health, and relationships. Currently, she is working together with BetterHelp to expand their free mental health resources, focusing on issues surrounding relationships, family issues, loneliness, and depression.

She is also the author of Our Global Love, a multicultural lifestyle blog covering issues related to intercultural relationships, raising a multicultural family, traveling, and coping with life as an expat.


Jessie Sax has a Bachelor of Science in Marketing. However, after receiving her degree she realized she had a thirst for learning and instead became a professional researcher and writer.

“My Philosophy on Mental Health & Wellness”

The stigma attached to mental health and wellness has kept many from getting the help they need. The only way this can be overcome is to educate individuals. So many people suffer, all because they don’t understand their own mental health and are ashamed to ask for help, thinking they are all alone. In reality, there are thousands of others out there going through the same struggles.

I believe that initiatives like BetterHelp will play a key role in overcoming this stigma, as they keep getting help a private matter and remove any elements of embarrassment or shame. As more of us get the help that we need, we will become happier and healthier individuals, and hopefully, one day, we will liberate future generations from this stigma.






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