Lauren Guilbeault, LMHC

Professional Experience

While going to school, Lauren worked providing crisis respite and skill building services to teens struggling with managing bipolar disorder. She continued her career in mental health after graduation working with clients with a dual diagnosis of mental health and substance abuse in an inpatient facility called Syracuse Behavioral Healthcare. After about a year, Lauren moved to the outpatient unit of the agency. She ran groups focused on anger management, self-esteem/confidence, as well as groups focused on co-occurring diagnoses of mental health and substance abuse. She has extensive experience working with individuals with anxiety, depression, and substance abuse issues. Lauren has also worked with many individuals with bipolar disorder. She remained at SBH for several years until She took a position working with children and families in the foster care setting at Elmcrest Children’s Center. Lauren currently has her own private practice where she meets with clients who have had impaired driver offenses. She completes their assessments and evaluations — and provides short-term substance abuse counseling as well. Lauren has 6+ years of experience in the field of mental health.

Educational experience

Graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology in 2010 from the University at Albany. She completed her Master’s program in Mental Health Counseling in 2012 from the University at Albany. Throughout her schooling, Lauren worked as a research assistant and conducted literature reviews on various mental health topics.

“My philosophy on mental health”

Is simple. I feel that in order for someone to feel mentally healthy, they need to be working towards achieving wholeness in their lives. Sometimes people seek counseling thinking they need to feel “happy” again. My personal opinion is that happiness is a fleeting emotion and achieving balance and wholeness is what most of us are looking for, we just may not know that at the time and may need some help in figuring out what that looks like. I think that for the most part people have the power to change their own situation and mindset to work towards an overall healthier lifestyle.

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