Lynne Healey, LMHC, QS, CAP, MPS

Professional Experience

Lynne Healey, LMHC, QS, CAP, MPS, has been devoted to human services and empowering individuals and families for over 30 years.  Lynne Healey began her career promoting public speaking and writing through the power of Corporate Volunteerism.  Lynne coordinated Metropolitan Edison Company’s“People Love to Serve Program”, one of the Nation’s first and largest Corporate volunteer programs to win the prestigious National Point of Light Award. This program led thousands of individuals to become involved in community services.  Lynne then turned her efforts to specializing in addiction and became a top consultant and clinical director in the field of chemical dependency. Following her passion to serve others, Lynne stepped down from this role and joined the American Red Cross Disaster Team where she still volunteers.  She now specializes as a Licensed Therapist in Trauma and related disorders and additions and has published articles including, “What Trauma Survivors Teach Us”, and articles for families seeking help for those suffering from addictions including, “Loved One Willing to Go to Substance Abuse Treatment?”She is presently publishing “What’s Eating You?” directed to help folks struggling with food disorders and compulsive eating.


Lynne Healey holds a BA from St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York. She graduated from NYIT where she studied counseling an earned an MPS.  She has studied at Miami Institute of Psychology in Miami Doctoral Level Classes following her Masters. Lynne is EMDR certified.  Lynne is a Qualified Supervisor in the State of Florida.  She has worked with clients from cultures from around the globe. Ms. Healey has participated in coursework designed to prepare clinicians to work with individuals who have undergone severe trauma. Lynne has education and clinical experience working with adults, geriatrics, children, and teenagers. 

“My Philosophy on Mental Health and Wellness”

I believe as long as you are breathing there is hope.  It is not how many times you have fallen but whether you will accept help and get back up again. I believe everyone can recover and find a path to self- acceptance. I think it is about how to light the spark of life and fan it into a flame that is the art of helping someone get well.  Writing articles on various subjects and providing innovative therapies and finding what works well with each person is what is the task of the therapist or author.  If an individual comes for help with a willingness and an open heart to get better, then miracles can occur. I see miracles occur daily as an author of mental health and wellness articles and a therapist and I absolutely love what I do!”

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