Martha Furman

Professional Experience

Martha Furman is a Licensed Professional Counselor with 20 years of experience in dealing with parenting issues, single parenting, depression, anxiety, job stress, marital issues, relationship stress, and addiction. She is also a Certified Addiction Counselor. 
Martha in the last eight years has been working with military members and their families. This is a special population with their own unique culture and challenges. It has been very rewarding for her.

She likes to work with people who are invested in working on doing things differently. Often times making any kind of change is better than repeating the same behaviors. Martha is very good at being concise and direct and work best with people who like this approach. 
She has been a single parent and has gone through the loss of someone very close. She is now a grandmother and feels that she has a good deal of life experience to call upon and have dealt with people from all walks of life.


Penn State University B.S. Health and Physical Education

Penn State University, M.Ed. Counseling Education with Emphasis in Chemical Dependency

Certified Addiction Counselor

Licensed Professional Counselor

EMDR Specialist

Military and Veteran’s Post Master Certification

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