Michael Arangua

Professional Experience

Michael Arangua is a journalist and viral writer specializing in dating, love, and relationships.  He has written for hundreds of news publications and penned hundreds of self-help books over a twenty-year career.

Currently, he is a contributor to BetterHelp.com/advice, a free online mental health resource.  As an editor, journalist, freelancer, and ghostwriter for high-profile clients, he has also covered topics related to psychology, personality disorders, self-improvement, addiction and abuse recovery, and depression.

He has published career guides with FabJob, worked extensively with Los Angeles sex therapist Dr. Tova Feder, as well as dating coach Matthew Coast of Commitment Connection, and Latinx activist Vanessa Verduga.  He’s also had articles published at high-traffic websites like So You Wanna, E-How, Demand Studios, Ezine Articles, Veppo Vapers, ZetaGlobal, and WeGraduate.

Michael continues to show passion for important subjects in the area of mental health, self-empowerment, and emotional healing.  He believes that in an age where many people look up quick and easy web articles rather than consulting professionals, it’s very important for freelance writers to provide accurate and safe information based on professional research.


Education and Previous Experience


Michael Arangua studied at Penn Foster College, earning two certificates in journalism and forensic psychology.  He previously worked as an editor and freelance writer for the writing firm Words You Want and has a background in crisis counseling, customer service, and sales. 

Michael started writing as a teenager and eventually turned his hobby into a career.  He has always written with the goal of helping others, to teach students important lessons, to move readers to action, to help people reevaluate their perspectives and challenge their ambitions so they can aim higher.


“My Philosophy on Mental Health”


“The more we read about modern psychology, the more we realize the importance of listening to people, to patients, and clients, rather than just waiting to talk.  Everyone has a story and everyone has a reason for thinking the way that they do.  Sometimes the best way to reach someone and help them is to ask the right questions and let them come to the right conclusion on their own.  This was my experience growing up and meeting clients in a variety of fields and still today, when I write advice columns.  Our job is not to lecture but to reason with people, always showing compassion and respect.” 

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