Nadia Khan

Professional Experience

Writing has always been a passion for Nadia, but it was something she viewed as a hobby but six years ago when the company she was working for decided to shut down, she decided to take the plunge and pursue a career in freelance writing. She has since built an impressive portfolio of short stories, novellas, blog posts, and research articles. 

In the last year and a half, she has turned her attention to more serious writing and has a special interest in mental illnesses and disorders, after coming face to face with it unexpectedly and shockingly.

Growing up in an immigrant home, mental health was never a topic of much discussion and concepts of therapy or counseling were viewed with deep suspicion. But a few years ago, into her adult years, mental health suddenly became front and centre as her family dealt with personal sadness.  

As she dealt with the family issues, Nadia began to research and read up on mental health first in an attempt to better educate herself and then to help her family members understand and cope with what was happening.

Through her experiences, Nadia realized that although the concept of mental health and well being was gaining importance, especially in the Western, developed countries, society as a whole still tends to regard the topic with mistrust and wariness. Nobody ever understands the immense impact a mental disorder can have on family members and those closest to the suffering individual and how important it is to pick up on early signs and get help right away. Since that experience, Nadia has focused more on writing about mental health issues in an attempt to raise awareness and educate people. She is a valued contributor to the site  


Nadia is an Honours Graduate from the University of McGill. She studied Social Sciences and instead of getting a Masters, she decided to start working and earn a certificate in Creative Writing on the side. Life, marriage, kids took over soon after and writing was placed on the back burner until a few years ago.

“My Philosophy On Mental Health & Wellness”

Mental health.


Psychological Disorders.


None of these words (to name a few) should be taboo nor should they be stigmatized. People should be able to speak of these issues openly, without shame; they should share their experiences without the fear of being judged by their neighbors or family members.  And that acceptance can only come through education and an openness of mind of spirit.

My hope is anyone reading these articles realize they are not alone, they have nothing to be ashamed of and above all, to realize how important it is to get help at the right time before its too late. If something I wrote helps even one person pick up a phone or reach out for help, it is going to make all the difference.

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