Nicola Kirkpatrick

Professional Experience

Nicola Morton-Kirkpatrick has been a researcher and professional writer for over ten years. Her current focus is on contributing to the growth of Nicola expertly researches and writes about issues that are close to her heart. She has a particular interest in various mental health areas including but not limited to ADHD, grief, phobias, and depression.

Nicola has contributed to various online publications in a variety of fields. However, her true passion lies in informing and helping others with both their mental and physical health.

Prior to dedicating her work to writing, Nicola worked in various industries including the United Kingdom National Health Service and in HR for a large charitable organization. Throughout her working life, Nicola was always drawn back towards research and writing. Additionally, freelancing affords her plenty of time to spend with family and a positive work/life balance. Nicola continues to enjoy honing her craft as well as focusing on new breakthroughs in mental health.


Nicola studied English Literature and Library and Information Science in the UK. She is also a great advocate for self-education, consistently staying up-to-date with mental health, physical health, and addictions in particular.

“My Philosophy on Mental Health &Wellness”

It takes determination and guts to speak out and to ask for help. No one knows what the people around them are going through. We should, therefore, think before we judge others. My aim through my research and writing is to inform, educate and to help people. I aim to address the stigmas associated with mental health and to enable others to understand the challenges many people with mental health issues face on a daily basis. I myself have struggled with grief and feel I can use my experiences to relate to others going through their own internal battles. I take a real pride in being able to use my position to help improve the lives of others.

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