Rachel Lustbader

Professional Experience

Rachel Lustbader is a healthcare professional with experience in multiple areas of the field. Currently, she writes for numerous health-related publications and businesses, educating the public about mental and physical health as well as the United States healthcare system. Rachel is committed to helping others improve their health by broadening their understanding of mental and physical health conditions and the options for treating them.

Before becoming a writer, Rachel most recently worked as a research specialist for a healthcare organization. She also previously worked in the biotech industry, and at a community mental health center as a coordinator for youth programs and aide for adult members. That experience sparked her commitment to increasing awareness and educating the public about mental health.


Rachel is a graduate of Boston University’s Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Science.

“My Philosophy on Mental Health & Wellness”

I believe that mental health should be considered as important for one’s well-being as physical health. I also believe that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for mental health conditions. With my writing, I strive to present those who may be struggling with many different options for treatment so that they can find a way to manage their conditions that work for them personally. Ultimately, I hope this helps to expand the discussion about mental health and reduce the stigma surrounding seeking treatment.

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