ReGain Editorial Team

Professional researchers, writers, editors, and licensed therapists make up the ReGain Editorial Team. With a shared passion and expertise for mental health, this editorial team represents a group of people with a diverse background and some with specialized education in their respective fields. They are responsible for maintaining thousands of published articles.

The Editorial Team aims to follow ReGain's therapeutic editorial guidelines, which draw on the latest DSM-5 manual — the same guidelines therapists in the United States use. All articles undergo a multi-step writing, editing, and reviewing process. And because research in the mental health field is ever-evolving and growing, the Editorial Team often reviews already published articles to make necessary updates or changes.

ReGain's Advice section provides readers accurate, compassionate and up-to-date articles on a wide variety of mental health-related topics. The Editorial Team cares deeply about making this vital information easily available for those who need it most.

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