Richard Miller

Professional Experience

Richard Miller has been a communications expert for the better part of a decade and has worked with a variety of health-related topics. His work in this field began in the Marine Corps where, after his time in the infantry, he was tasked with assisting those suffering from PTSD with coping and handling their medical issues. In addition to helping the expansion and growth of the free online mental health resource Richard currently works as a physical and language skills educator in Petaluma, California.

Richard is an avid traveler, martial artist and writer with a passion for connecting with and understanding others. His work helps to bridge the gap between intellectual discovery and translating that to the day to day experiences of the everyday person. He also loves dogs.


Richard holds a BA in Communications as well as multiple industry awards for his writing. He is formally trained in both interpersonal communication and English language education. Richard has also completed a wide array of leadership, emotional communication, and teamwork courses relevant to his mental health work.

“My Philosophy on Mental Health & Wellness”

Seeing first-hand the trauma of war and loss on friends drove me to understand how better to communicate and empathize with those who are grieving.

Often, we don’t need answers or solutions past knowing someone understands and feels for us. The truth is, everybody has someone who feels for them -sometimes we just need a little help to realize it.

I strive every day to better understand what those in need, need - and how I can help to bring those solutions to them. 

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