Sarah Cocchimiglio

Professional Experience 

Sarah Cocchimiglio began her writing and editing career almost 20 years ago as a newspaper staff writer, then became a managing editor for two weekly newspapers. As the print journalism industry started to decline, she decided to venture into the wide world of freelancing, where she has worked ever since.  

Her projects have included writing and editing projects for Patch, Quora, Trend Capital, PROFIT Communications, Bank of America, and Lightstream Group, among others.

She excels in research and writing on tough subjects, a quality that serves her well in her current role as a writer for the free online mental health resource with, where she writes sensitive and informative articles on subjects like ADHD, anxiety, vitamins and supplements, behavior, and depression.

Educational Background

Sarah Cocchimiglio is a graduate of Temple University, where she earned a B.A. in journalism, public relations and advertising. She also earned a secondary teaching certificate from Delaware Valley College, with a focus on social studies and language arts.

“My Philosophy on Mental Health & Wellness”

At BetterHelp, I tackle tough and sometimes mystifying topics regarding mental health in order to help readers understand things that might otherwise be confusing or intimidating.

I strongly believe in talk therapy and I’ve had a trusted counselor in my life for over 10 years, with whom I speak on a regular basis. She keeps me level and whole, and she sometimes makes me see things from an entirely different perspective. I encourage others who may be suffering, questioning, worrying, or self-reflecting to do the same.

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