Tanya Harell, LPC


Professional Experience


Tanya Harrell works full time as a School Psychologist and instructs courses in Psychology by night. Her work as a School Psychologist requires an understanding of the latest research and ideas around Autism, behavioral interventions, and disabilities.  She not only practices the theories of psychology, she studies them to assure that the most accurate information is available for the students who will create the future of psychology and counseling.  She has provided counseling and support services to homeless families, victims of domestic violence, survivors of sexual assault and violence, children, veterans and adolescents.   




PhD in General Psychology and a Master’s from Northwestern State University.



“My Philosophy on Mental Health & Wellness”

Mental health and wellness involves a dynamic and unique human experience.  Being mentally healthy and well requires engagement and making choices that support wellness.  People who experience mental illness must be able to make accurate choices and engage with knowledge and research in psychology and counseling provides them with tools to do just that.   Mental health and wellness allow for active engagement between and among the community, the individual, the culture, and the providers of mental health services.  Mental health and wellness also encourages advocacy on the part of the counselor, psychologist or social worker by encouraging empowerment through education and counseling.  Change and awareness are possible through empathy, courage, and education. 

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