Tiffany Howard

Professional Experience

Tiffany Howard has been working for BetterHelp since 2014 and with Talkspace since 2017 providing supportive services to adults (and pending with adolescents on Betterhelp) struggling with mental health and addiction issues. Services are provided through email, live phone and live video sessions at the discretion of the client. Prior to her work online, Mrs. Howard has worked in crisis response, with special populations of dally diagnosed clients (pregnant and postpartum women and adolescents) and in both inpatient detox and traditional outpatient settings. Mrs. Howard, as director of each of the programs she has worked in prior to her online work, was also part of a training team working within the state of Maryland to educate peers on work with special populations, the use of Motivational Interviewing Techniques, Cognitive Behavioral Techniques, and Acceptance Commitment Therapy. Mrs. Howard also taught college and university level courses in Maryland on Family Therapy and addictions. She has had extensive training in the treatment of trauma through the Trauma Center at Justice Resource Institute with Bessel van deer Kolk and his Trauma Center Research Department staff in a unique opportunity offered through the Department of Social Work at Salisbury University in Salisbury, MD. A prior member of the National Association for Addiction Professionals (NAADAC), Mrs. Howard co-authored an article in their official publication as a member of the Adolescent Speciality Committee. As a part of this committee, she was also involved in the writing and finalization of the first-ever National Certified Adolescent Addiction Counselor (NCAAC) exam, recognizing the treatment of adolescents as a specialized population in the field of addiction. Mrs. Howard was one of the first individuals to hold this certification nationally. Mrs. Howard has been licensed in addictions (LCADC) and mental health (LPC) in the state of Maryland and currently holds an LPC in the state of North Carolina.

In her free time, Mrs. Howard writes book reviews for Netgalley, Library Thing, Goodreads, Bookish First, and First to Read. Her reviews are also published on her blog (, Pinterest, Amazon and Barnes and Noble. She has long wanted to contribute more to the information provided on the importance of mental health and addiction treatment and resources.


Tiffany Howard is a 1998 graduate of Troy University in Alabama where she was a member of both the International Honor Society in Education, Kappa Delta Pi, and the Gamma Beta Phi Society. She holds a degree in Counseling and Psychology. Her Bachelor of Arts degree was received in 1985 from Marshall University with a Major in Legal Studies and Minors in both Journalism and English.

My Philosophy on Mental Health & Wellness

We all bring to the table a unique set of life experiences and skills that have brought us to the place we are today. Most of those experiences were out of our control, but we have a wonderful opportunity through self-help and therapy to change our lives for the better. I believe that all people have the capacity for change if they are ready for it. As our life experiences impact our entire being, we must address the entire being holistically. Medication alone is not the answer. Nothing ‘alone’ is the answer. The more areas of our lives examined and improved, the better our chances for successful, lasting changes. I also believe that no-one else can do the work for us. That we hold all of the tools inside of us that are needed to move forward in peace if we can access those tools. Sometimes the understanding of our inner strength comes from the compassion of a counselor and sometimes it comes from reading something that strikes us in a new way.

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