How Living Life To The Fullest Really Changes Your Mental Outlook

By Nicole Beasley |Updated July 11, 2022
CheckedMedically Reviewed By Stephanie Chupein, LMFT

When was the last time that you looked around and thought, I’m not as happy as I wish I was? Do you know why you’re not happy? Chances are, if you looked at your life, you’d see specific things that make you unhappy. Maybe it’s your job or your relationship. Maybe it’s something entirely different. No matter what it is, if you’re not happy with it, then you’re not really living life to the fullest.

The best thing you can do is take a good hard look at yourself and how you feel about yourself and your life. Do you enjoy it? If you do, then great, you’re already better off than just about all of us. If not, however, it’s time to make some changes and see what you can do to improve your life. Once you do, you’re going to have a great deal more changes that make everything seem better. It may seem like a strange correlation, but each thing you do to increase your outlook is going to be one more step towards a great life for yourself.

Struggling To Make Changes That Will Improve Your Happiness?

When you are happy all the time, it gives you an entirely different outlook on life. It makes you enjoy each of the happy things that you experience in your life and it gives you more of them as well. Think about that time that your dog had puppies or your best friend told you some really good news. Were you as excited about those things as you could have been? You may not have been, especially if there were things going on in your life that you weren’t totally happy about. But if you were happy about the rest of your life you would experience more happiness in the little things as well.

Even better, being happy attracts happy people and positive things into your life. When you’re friendly to someone, they want to be around you. They want to help you and they want to do more for you. It’s definitely a great way to improve your relationships, both personal and professional. Just start with making yourself happy. It won’t even take any conscious effort on your part to be nicer to other people if you’re looking at your life from a better standpoint. It will come naturally.

Once you’ve started being nicer to people, and they start being nicer to you, it becomes a cycle, where you feel better about those people as well. It makes it a whole lot easier to be nice to them when they’re nice back, right? Plus, when people are nice to you, it’s really easy to think about your life in a positive light. So, you’re actually helping a lot of things all at once. Being happy makes everything so much easier and that’s just the start to living your life to the fullest.

Living Your Life to the Fullest by Making Yourself Happy


Well, you can start by making the changes in your life. These changes can be external or internal. Let look at some of these possibilities.


Look at things that aren’t making you happy and see what you can do about it. Give consideration to your world. Take time to sit back and seriously contemplate on what is impacting you and if you can change it in any way if it is making you feel down.

Is your work disappointing? What about it is of concern and is there any way you can change that aspect. Can you make space at work that is more enjoyable? Can you restructure your work to make it more rewarding in some way? Is there someone in the workplace that can contribute to making it a better place for you and how could you engage him or her to help facilitate the improvement? If, after due consideration, you find that you cannot make your workplace better for yourself, you may need to look for a new place to express your work interests. That may mean asking yourself what you really like to do and where you would like to work and what kind of people you might like to work around. It may mean asking if you need more training or schooling. Then ask yourself if you can change jobs?

Would some new friends that support you be an area you need to work on? If you find that your support group is not really supportive, you may want to consider making a leap and getting out and meeting some new people. While this may not be easy for some, look at your local paper or clubs and groups in your area online and see if you can find new places that support your particular interests. There are a lot of lonely people in this new high tech world and it is a matter of finding the people that have overlapping interests with you.

Making a physical change in lifestyle could also be considered from changing the way you eat to where you live. The point is that if you are unfulfilled and feeling down, sometimes an external change in your life could be helpful if you fully assess your situation and are honest with yourself and make the commitment for change.


Struggling To Make Changes That Will Improve Your Happiness?

Sometimes we need to change our attitudes or beliefs or perspectives to make changes toward a happier and more fulfilled life. Sometimes this is an area that needs to change before or alongside the external changes we see a need for. Try telling yourself three things every day that you are grateful for and dig deep to experience the hope this can inspire. Use mindfulness exercises to expand your inner sense of wellbeing. Happiness is not always a highly excited state. Sometimes it is simply a state of satisfaction at the moment and a knowledge that you can recreate it when you choose to with your own efforts.


Whatever it would take to help you be happier and really feel like you’re living your life the way that you want to, it will take some effort. Sometimes this can seem challenging and like work and in the beginning it may be. Research shows, however, that after 3 months new behaviors can become habits and feel as natural as though you always did them. This is an of itself is a hopeful idea and hope can be a part of what can bring about greater happiness in your life.

If you are having trouble making the changes you desire you can always consider getting help from an online counseling service like, BetterHelp, where you will be able to better understand yourself and see what it really takes to accomplish a whole lot more in your life and feel better about it.

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