Knowing There Is Someone To Talk To Online

By Nicole Beasley

Updated December 06, 2018

Reviewer Christine Baker


Making Healthy Changes

On the surface, the concept of changing the state of our body to change the state of our mind seems to be generally accepted by most people. As they say, we are what we eat. Food isn't just a matter of calorie count. Each meal or food choice that we take in carries enough nutritional information that has value in the physiological processes to affect our thinking and feeling.

Our society right now can be considered as an obese society. Many are making poor food choices gaining weight every day. An empire of fast-food chains has been established already and junk food entrepreneurs are getting richer each time people buy chips, colas, and other food items that are not the healthiest choice. Despite this, many people are also obsessed with weight loss and "promises" to engage themselves to lose weight by any means possible.

Sometimes, it can lead to frustrations and hopelessness. They tend to experience more depression when they do not see desired results rather than getting encouraged and motivated to pursue and finish their goals. With the coming of the digital age, it can be calming to know that there is someone to talk to online when these emotions set in.

The following tips are common advices by therapists online regarding the right way to lose weight.

Starting New Healthy Habits

Many people look for quick fixes, turning to fad diets or extreme measures to lose weight quickly. There are no short cuts to success. Drinking water, working out, getting good sleep, eating well over time are some of the best ways to establish a healthy foundation for healthy weight and overall well-being. Having a healthy breakfast each morning sets you up for success, priming your metabolism to function efficiently and keep you energized.

You can also make a difference by eating more foods that help to cleanse your system, such as grapefruits, green tea, apples, broccoli, lemons and limes, garlic, spinach, and avocadoes. These foods can help your body to excrete more of the toxicants that it may have built up due to poor lifestyle habits. Starting new habits, like eating foods that help your body function at its best, can jumpstart your energy and motivation.

Understanding Your Body

Different methods of detoxing can be important in long-term wellness. However, make sure that the detox that you choose is safe for your body. If you are unsure consult with your physician. A healthy diet can have effects on multiple levels of your overall health, including weight management and energy levels. Hunger and satiety are two terms worth investigating when working to understand nutritional guidelines. Hunger is an empty feeling from physiological lack of energy and food in the stomach, whereas satiety involves the psychological feelings of fullness where one will cease to find food appealing. Many times, people often confuse hunger with thirst as well. So next time you are feeling hunger grab a bottle of water and see if that satisfies you.

People are often intimidated by the demands they feel when faced with a large goal, without realizing that it simply requires them to complete a series of smaller goals. By breaking down your goals into distinct and palpable steps, it can be much easier to make steps towards improvement. Big dreams of success can distract people from the process that it takes to achieve them, forgetting that its bean-by-bean that the bag gets full. Using a goal tracker can also help to motivate you to achieve your weight loss goals.


When You Need Someone to Talk to Online:

Resources like BetterHelp can help to connect you with a professional capable of addressing your unique needs and helping you to make changes to your lifestyle. Setting measures of accountability, such as bringing another person into your journey, can help you reinforce your desired behavior change, and jumpstart your progress towards a brighter future. Remember, each person is unique, different strategies work for different people. Be honest about your feelings and tell your therapist about it.

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