Online Therapy Is More Accessible With Affordable BetterHelp Pricing

By Ashley Maselli|Updated April 28, 2022

Life can be incredibly challenging at times, taking a toll on our mental health and overall wellbeing. Today, roughly 1 in 5 American adults live with mental illness, yet less than half of those individuals receive the treatment and mental health support they need. While there may be many factors that may prevent an individual from seeking therapy, such as geographic barriers, mobility issues, or facing stigma, the cost is often one of the main factors. Traditional therapy can often be expensive, and some insurance providers may not cover therapy, while some individuals may not have an insurance plan.

Are You Interested in Trying Online Therapy?

For individuals who previously found traditional face-to-face therapy to be unaffordable or inaccessible, online therapy has changed the way people experience therapy and has made it possible for more people to receive the mental health support they need and deserve, all from the comfort of their own home or wherever they have an internet connection.

Recent studies show that online therapy is just as effective as traditional forms of therapy for various conditions (including depression, anxiety, PTSD, grief, and many others), with individuals reporting improved mental health for various mental health concerns in a short period. With online platforms like BetterHelp, individuals can receive convenient, discreet, and affordable support to improve their mental health and overcome challenges in their life all from their mobile devices.

Cost Of BetterHelp

While traditional, in-person therapy can range from $100-$200 per session, BetterHelp is an affordable alternative based on your location. The cost of a therapy subscription through BetterHelp may range from $60 to $90 a week, which is billed every four weeks. Every month, your subscription may cost between $240 to $360 for that 4-week billing period. The cost of your BetterHelp online therapy subscription is based on your location, preferences, and therapist availability. 

While some major insurance providers may cover traditional forms of therapy and online therapy or a portion of the cost of these therapies, other insurance plans may offer no coverage, and some individuals seeking therapy may not have an insurance plan at all. The co-pay you may pay with insurance may often be comparable to the cost of a BetterHelp subscription, making therapy accessible and affordable for those who may need it. It may be helpful to reach out to your insurance provider to see what forms of therapy they cover or if they can cover any of the costs on the BetterHelp platform.

What's Included In A BetterHelp Subscription

While subscribed to online therapy through BetterHelp, you have unlimited in-app messaging with your therapist in a designated chat room where you can receive support and guidance whenever you need it. You'll receive a notification when your therapist replies to any messages you may send. With unlimited in-app messaging, you also receive one 30-to-45-minute live session per week, though sessions may also go up to an hour depending on your needs and your therapist's availability. You may connect with your therapist via live video, live chat, or phone calls during this live session.

Is There A Cheaper Alternative To BetterHelp?

BetterHelp offers very affordable mental health support from professional, licensed therapists. The BetterHelp platform has competitive subscription-based pricing comparable to or less than the cost of similar online platform alternatives.

Suppose you're looking for a cheaper alternative to improve your mental health. In that case, it's important to be aware that some mental health platforms may offer support from volunteers and not licensed, accredited therapists. While this may be helpful for some individuals, it may not suffice for every mental health concern. For free mental health advice and resources, you can visit the BetterHelp Advice page, which contains valuable advice on various mental health concerns and issues.

Safety And Privacy

When it comes to therapy, many people may have concerns about their safety and privacy due to the sensitive nature of what they may be experiencing, the data and personal information they share, and the negative stigmas regarding mental health that they may face. BetterHelp is a safe site for individuals to receive mental health support. The BetterHelp platform takes all of its users' privacy incredibly seriously and does not share or sell your data.

BetterHelp uses state-of-the-art technology that provides a safe and secure platform to talk to and receive support from a licensed, accredited therapist. All communications with your therapist are completely secure and encrypted with banking-grade encryption from any outside parties, and everything you choose to tell your therapist is completely confidential and stays between only you and your therapist.

Only you and your therapist will be able to see any written communication in your designated private chatrooms. Suppose you are concerned about anything you've shared over written communication. In that case, you also can click the "shred" button next to any messages you've sent to your therapist, which will completely remove them from your BetterHelp account.

When signing up for a BetterHelp subscription, the platform will never ask you for your full name or contact information. You may choose to stay anonymous, using any "nickname" of your preference. However, once you begin therapy, you will be asked for emergency contact information that is kept in a safe and secure system that your therapist only has access to if they believe you or someone else may be in danger.

How Live Sessions Work

Once you create an account with BetterHelp, you'll be asked to fill out a detailed questionnaire regarding your mental health needs, goals, expectations, and desired therapist preferences. Depending on your needs and the current therapist's availability, you'll be matched with a licensed therapist who best fits those needs and preferences within a few hours or a couple of days. Once you've been matched with a therapist, you can connect with them through in-app messaging, live chat, video chat, or phone calls. You can use these therapy services via your laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone whenever and wherever you have a stable internet connection.

How Many Sessions Do You Get?

With a BetterHelp online therapy subscription, you will receive one live session per week that allows you to connect with your therapist via video chat, live messaging, or a phone call. You can use the calendar on the BetterHelp platform to book a date and time for your live session and see when your therapist is available to connect.

The in-app messaging feature on the platform allows you to send and receive unlimited messages with your therapist in a private, designated chat room. However, it's important to note the in-app messaging feature is not in real-time, and you will receive a notification once your therapist responds with support or guidance. The messages are saved in your chat room to refer back to whenever you need to.

Are You Interested in Trying Online Therapy?

How Long Are BetterHelp Sessions?

Each live session with your therapist is booked in 30-45 minute blocks but can also be scheduled for up to an hour, depending on your needs and your therapist's availability. However, longer live sessions may increase the rate of your monthly subscription. These sessions need to be booked in advance, and the length of your sessions should be discussed with your therapist.

The in-app messaging feature does not need to be booked in advance, and you can message your therapist in your private chat room at any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, whenever you need mental health support. You will receive a notification whenever they send a message.

Canceling Your BetterHelp Subscription

If you no longer feel you need support from the BetterHelp platform, you may cancel your subscription at any time, for any reason. Canceling your subscription is very easy. You log in to your account, click on account settings and payment settings, and choose "change plan" or "quit counseling." If you choose to quit counseling, you may continue to use the online therapy features through your final billing cycle.

Alternatively, if you feel your therapist isn't the right match for you, you can also request to be matched with a new therapist who better suits your needs at any time and for any reason. Each therapist at BetterHelp has their unique background, area of expertise, and approach; therefore, you may find a different therapist who offers the kind of support and guidance you need.


If you're experiencing mental health concerns or difficulties in your life, therapy can be a valuable resource to help you overcome them. While traditional therapy may seem out of reach for some, online therapy and affordable BetterHelp pricing have made it possible for more individuals to receive their mental health support. A licensed therapist from BetterHelp may be able to provide tools and guidance to help you overcome challenges and improve your mental health. Reach out today to begin your journey and learn more about affordable online therapy with BetterHelp.

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