I Am Happiness On Earth, And What it Means

By Joanna Smykowski

Updated January 02, 2019

Reviewer Sonya Bruner

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If you are looking for a movie that's going to embody love and peace, then you're going to want to take a look at this one. I Am Happiness on Earth is about finding love and finding your piece of life. It's a story that will help you to look at things around you in a slightly different light, and it's something that will make you stop and think a little as well (though there's plenty of other aspects that you'll enjoy).

I Am Happiness On Earth

This movie is about two men and the life that they could have together. The first, a director, is completely enamored with one of the dancers. The director likewise entrances the dancer. But there is much more to both of their lives than simply being together, and neither one is quite sure what might happen. But they wonder what their life might be like if they were together and delved into their unconscious mind is one way to imagine what it could be like as well.

What You Can Take Away

We all like to think about what our life could be like in different situations. When we're young, we imagine what our life would be like if we were a princess, an astronaut, a cowboy. As we get older, we might wonder what it would be like if we had chosen to travel instead of going to college, if we had married that first boyfriend or said yes when that girl asked us to dance. We wonder what choices we made that would have changed the course of our lives entirely and whether we made the right choice.

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Whether you look at your life and you are happy, or you look around you and don't like what you see, there are likely parts of your life that you're curious about. You wonder 'what if' and even if you wouldn't have made a different choice, it still makes you sit back and think. These feelings are normal, and they're healthy because they help you to think more carefully about your decisions and about the things that you do in your daily life. They make you think about what choices you'll make in the future as well.

If you find yourself too wrapped up in your fantasy world and you're wondering about 'what if', it can lead to problems, as it does in this movie. If you find that you're not living your life, but constantly wishing you'd made different choices, this can take away from happiness that you could find in your life. Living in fantasy may seem like it's fun, but when it's keeping you from the people and things that are there, it's hurting you.

What To Do

The most important thing is to make sure that you are truly living the life that you're supposed to be. Sure, you can look back and wish you'd made different decisions, but if you can't change the things that have happened. It's time to look forward instead of back. Maybe you can write to that person you hurt and apologize, or maybe you can go back to school and finish your degree like you wish you would have. However, sometimes the things you wish you had done differently can't be changed, and you have to be able to accept it.

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When you can't do anything about something you've done or you can't change the choice you've made, you have to learn to accept it. Depending on what happened, this may be harder than it sounds. However, this is something that you can do, even if it requires help. Talking with your friends and family or those who were there when you made a decision you regret can be a good way to start. Talking with a mental health professional may be another important aspect of the process and may help you to move on.

Look around at the life that you currently have and think about all of the things that you love about it. Think about the people in your life or the things you have, from physical items to your job, your education, your skills or anything else. These are all things that you may not have had if you'd made a different decision. Try to think about the reasons that you made the decision that you did and whether that reason is still valid for you today and try to think about all of the great things and people you have as a result.

Getting Some Help

If you can't seem to keep yourself from living in the past, you may want to seek out professional help. A mental health professional will be able to help you understand more about the past and about the decisions you made and may even be able to help you understand why you can't let them go. They'll also be able to help you with coping skills and ways to forgive yourself (if necessary) so that you can move on and enjoy the life that you currently have. Keep in mind that it may not be easy, but it is most definitely possible.

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