Channel Your Energy: How To Stop Obsessing Over Someone

Updated September 04, 2018


Obsession can be defined as constant focus of energy on something or someone to a degree where it causes harmful consequences. It can take many forms like obsession on shopping, gambling or it can be an obsession on another person. Sometimes, it's difficult to figure out how to stop obsessing over someone, as something in your brain may be compulsively bringing these thoughts to the foreground. Some obsessions can stem from an experience that affected an individual so much that he or she becomes passionate about that other person.

How to Stop Obsessing Over Someone

You can live a normal life and be obsessed with someone you are really interested in, like being a fan of a famous actor. What you need to understand is that when you take this obsession to an extreme, things can go unbalanced and be very harmful.

You need to be mindful enough to tell if you are slowly falling into the trap. And if you are well on your way to this dark and dangerous road, you need to do a reality check and face the obsession. You need to be realistic to admit to yourself that you are just wasting your time and energy.


You need to distract yourself from your obsessive thoughts and engage in other activities that promote self-improvement and can make you see that there are other important things in life other than your obsessive thoughts.

Redirecting your attention towards something other than another person can be a good way to healthily distract from your obsession. The process of self-discovery can happen in leaps or tip-toes, having the propensity to heal you and serve to identify the obstacles that are preventing you from best loving yourself. Spending time alone, making time for physical exercise, and sticking to a nourishing diet are all base line ways of beginning to take care of yourself.

Breaking the Stigma


A too common occurrence is that of taking our mental health for granted, and not recognizing that we all must take steps and precautions to be feeling and functioning at our best. Online interfaces like BetterHelp have surfaced in response to the gap in access to quality mental health care. Building a healthy relationship can be a lonely path for those who aren't in-touch with what they want out of life and love or are stuck in how to communicate this to their partner.

While most of us would agree that growth in a relationship is the ultimate goal, people have different views of what this looks like. Additionally, one party may be more invested in the relationship than another, or not be in tune with the other person's love language, which is when the obsession can blossom. Lack of effective love translation, or lack of interest, can lead the more love-hungry party yearning for more.

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