How To Practice Self-Care Each Day

By: Sarah Fader

Updated January 25, 2021

Medically Reviewed By: Aaron Horn

It’s crucial to learn how to practice self-care each day. It can help reduce stress and make you feel grounded. Many of us forget to take care of ourselves. Whether it’s taking a walk on your lunch break, go to a yoga class, read a book, engage in physical activity, reflect on your thoughts and feelings, or write in a journal, they all benefit you. These are all things that you can do daily. You could try having a cup of tea at night and listening to relaxing music. When life gets busy, it’s easy to forget to care for yourself, but it’s crucial to have a quality time nurturing your body, mind, and soul. Here are some ways you can practice self-care each day.

Do A Little At A Time


It can feel stressful to do too many things at once. One way to reduce stress is by breaking things down into small activities. You might be wondering how to practice self-care by spending time with yourself doing something that you enjoy. There are many different and even little things you can do. It could be taking a moment to write in a journal, to pamper yourself, stretch, or meditate. You could practice self-care by maintaining health awareness. One of the best ways to continue to practice self-care is by being mindful of what you eat and how much sleep, rest, and exercise you are getting. You can incorporate into your self-care ritual healthy snacks. Food is an excellent and important part of self-care.

Eating And Self-Care

Part of healthy living is eating food regularly throughout the day. Make sure, if you are able and unless a doctor or licensed professional says otherwise, that you have three meals a day and snacks in between. When you read about health awareness, you will find that what you put into your body nurtures your mind and physical being and can affect your emotional well-being. There are foods that you can eat that will lower your blood pressure and cholesterol. It’s crucial to eat well and drink water because you will sleep better at night, and your body will feel calmer when you nurture it. It’s easy to forget to take care of your body. Maybe you skip lunch, or you forget to have breakfast before you go to work. It’s essential to not do those things if you can help it because they will contribute to a lack of self-care. Make sure that you are eating healthy and regularly throughout the day as a part of your daily self-care routine.

Winding Down


One of the best parts of the day is when you wind down. You can establish a ritual where you relax after a long day of work. You can use daily self-care strategies to relax. Life gets busy and hectic, and that’s why it’s crucial to have some time to relax and unwind before you go to bed. You can check your social media when you get home, but when you’re winding down for the evening, it’s better to avoid technology. As a part of your nighttime routine, you can enable night mode on your smartphone or tablet. That way, it doesn’t keep you up at night, and you can feel more connected to your mind and body.

A Quiet, Comfortable Place In Your Home Helps Self-Care

One of the best self-care strategies is to create a safe, comfortable space in your home. It is especially important for people who have a mental illness such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or PTSD to have space where they can feel safe and secure. Bipolar disorder has many challenges, such as rapid mood swings, and a person with bipolar disorder flips from mania to depression. It’s crucial to have space in your home where you feel like you can be safe. It could be a reading nook or maybe an indoor garden. But creating the right environment for you is a part of your self-care as somebody who is living with a mental health condition. Don’t feel guilty about creating a space that is just for you. Self-care means that you are doing things to help reduce stress in your life. It’s a way that you can feel physically and mentally connected to your whole being.

Check-In With A Friend

One thing you can do each day to make yourself feel good is to check-in with a friend or loved one. It’s good for your mental health to stay connected to your support system. It doesn’t have to be an extensive form of reaching out. You could send a quick text message to see how your friend is doing. You could give them a call during your lunch break. Maybe you choose to reach out to your best friend to check-in and catch up each day. Or perhaps you could pick somebody you haven’t spoken to for a while. Human connection is an excellent form of self-care. Think about a friend that struggles with mental health issues. Maybe you have a good friend who has bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder is a severe condition where people suffer from the highs of beauty and the lows of depression. If you have a friend who has this condition, check in with them and see how they’re doing. You can help to be a support for that person. You are a good friend by connecting with that individual. It might sound counterintuitive to care for somebody else as a form of self-care. But it’s not. You can practice self-care by doing a good deed. Doing good actions or, as they say in Yiddish mitzvahs, makes you feel good about yourself, which is a form of self-care. It’s different to sacrifice yourself for others than it is to do a good deed. Doing good is a form of self-care because it empowers you and makes you feel like a good person. Self-care can mean many things, but it’s essential to show that you love the people in your life that are there for you. Because then you are connecting with your support system and valuing your need for loved ones in your life.

Body Positivity


Everybody has a different body type. Part of self-care is looking in the mirror each day and saying kind things to yourself in your mind or out loud. Be kind to your mind and your body. Love yourself for who you are. You can practice body positivity in many different ways. It can include doing yoga to honor your body. It might be that you look at yourself in the mirror naked and notice the things you love about your body. This is one of the self-care strategies you can use to appreciate your body. You could journal about something that you appreciate about how you look. Body positivity is a form of self-care you can do every day. And it will empower you to stay well.

Verbal Affirmations

Verbal affirmations are one of the best ways to learn to love yourself. Self-care isn’t about being selfish. It is about building yourself up and making you feel good. Verbal affirmations can support you in this process. You can write down different mantras that resonate with you. It could be something as simple as “I’m doing the best that I can. “Pick some sayings that make you feel good about yourself. And you can see them aloud to yourself well walking down the street. You can use these mantras as a form of mindfulness meditation. Telling yourself three positive things about yourself can help as well. Think about three things you like about yourself. Maybe you’re a devoted friend, a kind brother or sister, and a loyal son or daughter. Remind yourself of the things that you do that make you feel good about yourself.

Daily Meditation


Meditating daily can help you stay grounded. It takes care of your body, mind, and soul. Mindfulness meditation is a form of self-care, and you can do it every day. You can do as little as a one-minute meditation, and it will help you. Dedicate a small block of time to meditate, and you will feel good about yourself. Some people like to meditate in the morning, while others prefer to do so before they go to sleep. When you meditate, you will feel more connected to your mind and body, which is a good part of a substantial self-care routine.

Healthy Living – Therapy And Self-Care

One of the most excellent self-care tips is to see a therapist. Life gets busy, and therapy can help you cope with daily stressors. It’s crucial to practice self-care that is effective for you personally. Doing a self-care routine isn’t selfish, and it’s vital to see a therapist that will help you learn different ways to practice self-care each day. These self-care tips are invaluable. You must prioritize yourself so that you feel calm and you don’t raise your blood pressure. You want to minimize stress in your life because it will help you live a better life quality. An online therapist can help you strategize and figure out a self-care routine. Having a ritual that you do each day provides structural comfort in that it is something to look forward to. Routines can enable you to manage certain symptoms of conditions like depression or bipolar disorder. The therapists at BetterHelp are skilled at helping individuals with these concerns. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help today. And don’t feel guilty about doing so either. Remember that self-care isn’t selfish. And going to therapy is a form of taking care of your body-mind, and soul.

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