What Can You Learn At A Mindfulness Summit?

Updated January 02, 2019

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Mindfulness is a concept that is growing in popularity, and for many reasons. Science backs its benefits, and it's something that anyone can do. You don't have to be born gifted and talented if you want to become more mindful. It's something that just requires practice. There are many ways to be more mindful, and today, we'll discuss the Mindfulness Summit, which is becoming one of the best ways to learn about all the beauty mindfulness has to offer.

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What Is The Mindfulness Summit?

The Mindfulness Summit is a nonprofit summit that hopes to spread the concept of mindfulness to the mainstream. For those who are unsure about what mindfulness is, it's the state of being fully aware of the present moment. All your senses are embracing what the world around you has to offer. Any worries about the past and future are discarded and saved for later. Nothing can distract you. You'll be one with the world.

As a concept, mindfulness has its roots in Buddhist teachings. Meditation can help a person be more mindful, along with accepting that some things should be let go. However, mindfulness has made its way to the West as a more secular form of teaching. Someone doesn't necessarily have to be religious to be mindful.

The summit believes that the benefits found through mindfulness will help change the world, and they wanted to create their online guide that's easy for everyone to understand. In October, every leader in the mindfulness world will share what they know, and every day, you can gain access to one speaker. Since October has 31 days, you can view 31 speakers the Mindfulness Summit has to offer.

The program is free to access during October. Once it ends, you can purchase an archive of the speeches from the mindfulness experts. All the profits made from the purchases will go to charities designed to help spread mindfulness.

Why Mindfulness Can Change the World

The claim that something can "change the world" has been thrown around quite a bit. However, mindfulness has indeed been proven to change the world in many different ways. The people at the Mindfulness Summit have had their lives changed thanks to mindfulness. They believe mindfulness has built a connection to the world that's much deeper than anything else. They even claim that their mindful awakening has allowed them to figure out how suffering happens.

The people at the Mindfulness Summit believe that these are tough times. While every time has been tough, thanks to the advent of the Internet, all the suffering of the world has been made more visible. The balance between caring for others and caring about yourself has always been a hard one to maintain, but it's especially problematic in today's society.

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Mindfulness, according to the summit, maybe the best way to change the planet. The summit believes that if everyone finds peace and balance within themselves, then peace and balance should be able to come throughout the rest of the world.

The people at the Mindfulness Summit believe that they should lead the charge in the revolution of spreading mindfulness because it's the best way to change the world.

With all that said, is mindfulness all that it is cracked up to be? While the claim that it can transform the earth into a utopia does sound like wishful thinking, there are quite a few benefits for being a mindful person. These include:

Being More Empathetic, But Also Looking Out For Yourself

Empathy is a valuable emotion that's hard to come by. It's the ability to look into someone's perspective and see the world through their eyes. You learn how to sympathize with them and want to help them out in any way you can.

When it comes to empathy, there is no balance. Everyone seems to be in one of two camps. Some may not be empathetic at all. They don't care about the suffering of the world or don't want to make an effort to help, and instead, they're focused on themselves. While it's good to look out for one's self, it is important to be aware of the suffering of the world. This is where the second camp comes in. Some are too empathetic and give too much. Meanwhile, their mental health gets ignored. They may end up hurting their mental health because the suffering of everyone else is getting to them.

Mindfulness is striking the balance of helping your fellow man while also being aware of the goings-on of your own body.

Enhancing Your Senses

Your senses are something you may take for granted. If you have no disabilities, you can touch the world around you, hear the many sounds it has to offer, smell its scent, and feast your eyes upon the beauty of the world.

However, many people don't take time to observe what the world has to offer, and instead, they're people who let the world pass them by.

Being mindful means taking some time to embrace all the senses the world has to offer. A mindful person's eyes look at every detail of their surroundings. They digest the little nuances that other people don't see. When a mindful person listens to music, they hear every instrument and even background instruments someone less mindful may not notice. They listen to the lyrics and interpret their meaning from them. A mindful person smells every scent imaginable and can distinguish between two similar smelling scents.

To summarize, a mindful person is one whose senses are always at their peak, and they're always looking for ways to enhance the world around them.

Not Letting Worry Get To Them

Every once in a while, stress serves a purpose. Some stress can get you motivated and finish the job. The problem is that too many people worry too much. They may imagine a million scenarios that are unlikely to happen. Even when their concern is legitimate, they worry too much and let it get to them. This can be a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy situation, where their worry has made the problem get as bad as they imagined.

It's hard to stop worrying so much. The brain can be overactive at times. Worries about the past and future plague it. A mindful person can take a few deep breaths and throw away any unneeded thoughts. If you stress and worry too much, you may be able to benefit from mindfulness.

Regulating Their Own Bodies

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With mindfulness, it's easy to feel the many sensations the body has to offer. If you are anxious, you can see where you're anxious in and make an effort to calm down your body. If you always feel odd sensation throughout your body, mindfulness can make sense of them.

Mindfulness employs different techniques to see into your body. Some techniques include the body scan, which involves you lying down and feeling energy move throughout your body from your head to your toe. A body scan is a great mindfulness technique to master. We are the masters of our own body, but few of us sit down and think about what goes on in your body.

Being mindful means that you are in control of yourself, and if there's something beyond your control, you can learn to accept it and move on.

Improve Your Overall Mental Health

Finally, being more mindful is a great way to enhance your mental health. If you are a mentally healthy person, you can keep that mental health going strong as you age. Poor mental health at a younger age can spell disaster as you grow older. Take control of your mental health now.

All This and More Can Be Learned at a Mindfulness Summit

The Mindfulness Summit has 31 speakers. Every one of those speakers has their way of achieving mindfulness. With mindfulness, there are many paths you can take. Some people like to meditate. Others like to be mindful by seeing the inside of their bodies. There are a few people who are mindful by enhancing all of their senses. Breathing exercises are a great way to be more mindful as well. With the Mindfulness Summit, you can learn different techniques and learn what being mindful means to the expert. While the fundamentals of mindfulness are the same for every mindful person, many have their interpretation of it, and that makes the Mindfulness Summit entertaining.

So this October, give it a watch. Or purchase the videos afterward. It may be a life changer.

Seek Help!

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If you are having trouble achieving mindfulness, the person who may be able to help can be a counselor. A therapist can allow you to achieve mindfulness on your terms. Give therapy a try today and see how it can help you.

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