Motivation Books To Get You Pumped - Here's Why

By Joanna Smykowski|Updated July 8, 2022
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Sometimes we need a little extra get up and go, and we can't always easily get that for ourselves. That's why self-motivation books can sometimes be a good start in a great direction. Here, we focus on a brief description of the top seven motivational books available for purchase on, as well as reasons why people laud them so highly.

The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide To Personal Freedom (A Toltec Wisdom Book)

In his book, The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom (A Toltec Wisdom Book), Don Miguel Ruiz helps us to understand the negative thoughts that we have and how they affect everything that we do. Ruiz' book has been on the New York Times bestseller list for a whopping eight years, with over six million copies of the book being sold in the U.S. alone.

Some have poo-pooed the book as new age tripe, but many who have read it say it is nothing of the sort. Instead, they say it is a book that is steeped in philosophy, with a chief focus on linguistics.

Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life…And Maybe The World

William H. McRaven's Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life…And Maybe the World has received critical acclaim from everyone from The Washington Post and Forbes to The Wall Street Journal. The book comes from the graduation speech from 2014 that went viral when Admiral McRaven addressed the graduating class of the University of Texas at Austin.

The slogan of the school is "What starts here changes the world," and when Admiral McRaven addressed the school, he based his speech off of this slogan and ran with it. McRaven shared with the students the ten lessons he learned when he was in the Navy, and how these lessons both changed his life and could change the lives of anyone who applied those lessons to their everyday activities.

People found the speech so inspiring that they shared the link to the YouTube video to social media, blowing the video up to over 10 million views. It only stands to reason, of course, that if McRaven could be so influential with just one speech that he could expand that speech into a book and help even more those who appreciated and shared his speech, as well as those who had yet to be introduced to his wise words.

How Successful People Think: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

John C. Maxwell is the author of How Successful People Think: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life, and in his book he details the one thing that successful people have in common: the fact that they all think the same way. And now you can think the same way and be successful, too!

Another Wall Street Journal darling, Maxwell's book teaches you three incredibly important tips:

  1. How to be creative;
  2. How to learn from the past; and
  3. When to question popular thought

Being creative helps you stand out from the crowd. So does questioning popular thought - if you're doing it correctly. Just because everyone feels the same way about something doesn't make it right. And if you can recognize this and own it, then you can be on your way to blazing your path of success. It's also important that we study history and learn from it, so as not to repeat our own past mistakes, nor the past mistakes of others - even and especially if they are in a position of authority.

The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons In Personal Change

You may have heard of the late Dr. Stephen R. Covey's book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change before. This is because it has sold over 25 million copies and was recently re-released in celebration of its 25th anniversary in print. Readers of Dr. Covey's book have lauded it to be one of the best non-fiction books they have ever read.

Readers have championed this book for how relatable it is, and for being able to put into words what you may otherwise have previously been unable to say. It challenges your way of thinking, offering a new perspective to help you get the most out of your life so that you can be a better employee, employer, parent, or just an improved person overall. Dr. Covey provided an incredibly useful tool to help others make the most of the time that they have left.

FYI: Just in case you don't have the time to sit down and read a book, you might want to consider the audiobook option. Audiobooks are great because you can listen to them when you're doing what you would be doing anyway, like driving to work or school or working out at the gym. In fact, motivation audiobooks are perfect for the gym. When better to listen to motivation audiobooks than when you're pumping iron, trying to improve your body and your life?

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