What Can Friendly Persuasion Do For Us And How To Accomplish It

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Become A Better Communicator, Listener, Friend, And Persuader

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For many people, the elements of persuasion are important for winning over ideas, thoughts, and the like. If you're someone who wants to learn about persuasion, friendly persuasion is a tool that can be easily used with great results. Here, we will discuss the elements of friendly persuasion, and why being friendly wins others over.

What Is Friendly Persuasion?

Let's talk about persuasion by using friendliness. Does it exist? Can you be friendly towards another person, and in turn create a better relationship?

The answer is yes. It's something that some people use. It's the element of friendliness trustworthiness that one puts in, when interacting with others. It's a way to win people over, both in casual and formal situations.

Does It Work?

The answer is yes if you do it right. Friendly persuasion works because it bypasses all of the possible worries that a person may have. We are influenced by other people, based on how we view the relationship that we have with the influencer. If you notice how you feel about another person, and if they're friendly towards you, chances are, you'll be more inclined to listen to the person, rather than just have a neutral opinion on them.

How we win over people is through friendliness. Friendly persuasion is something that we could always get better at. That's because people will gravitate towards people that are friendly. If you're a friendly, trustworthy person, chances are, you'll win over the hardest of human beings.

Intent Behind Friendly Persuasion

With friendly persuasion, the intent is a huge part of it. Do you want to help the person, or do you do it for a personal benefit? If the latter is your primary intent, it may not be perceived as a friendly action.

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With friendly persuasion, you need to act in a manner where others get the impression that you're not just trying to help yourself. You want to show that you care, and want to help others, rather than just yourself. And while your ultimate intent is for a personal gain, conveying its potential gain to others can help you get their support.

Many times, others can pick up on your intention. People know when you are interested in their needs or not, so, if you want to win others over, showing them that you care about them and have their best interest in your mind, should be your first line of action. While this exercise may be rather challenging in the short-term, it has the potential to gain you the profit you are aiming at, in the long-term.

A friendly and caring attitude goes a long way, as it can make the person more inclined and receptive to the persuasion that you employ.

The Importance Of Empathy

Empathy is a paramount element in friendly persuasion. Having a feel and understanding of your audience will help you determine best course of action. Friendly persuasion requires use of tact and compassion to your companion. Recognizing how you may come across to your audience is key.

Friendly persuasion works wonders. It's a way to influence another person, without even doing all that much. For some people, communicating properly can change the way a conversation goes, and make it flows much smoother.

Non-Verbal Means A Lot Too

Another part, probably almost as important as the rest of this, is non-verbal communication. You can talk about their interests all you want, but if you have poor body language, you're going to have some issues with this too.

Having an open, inviting aura to yourself, standing with your body outward instead of inward, focusing on eye contact and proper posture plays a huge part in friendly persuasion and can make it easy for others to talk to you.

Become A Better Communicator, Listener, Friend, And Persuader

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If you do this the wrong way, it results in poor communication, lack of trustworthiness, and bad character, and it can be quite hard for you to win others over. Also note that, oftentimes, what you don't do is just as important as what you do, in from of others.

Being friendly doesn't just involve having a pleasant voice or talking about relevant interests. Your body language plays a big role in this practice, too, therefore paying attention to how you deliver your message is key.

The Likeness Of A Person

This element is not about being attractive, but rather, it's about your attitudes and general approach. If you present yourself favorably and appear similar to others, you'll get others to gravitate towards you.If you talk about like-minded interests, agree with people's beliefs, and let listen to them while they talk, you have a higher chance of gaining their support and interest. Furthermore, if you are a person in authority, you are likely to get even more support, if others are looking up to you.

You'll Have The Power Of A Socializer

One type of element that you can throw in there to improve your communication, and involve yourself in friendly persuasion, is becoming a socializer. These are the people who love to have fast-paced communication interact with people. They love to entertain, be entertained, and love to talk and have great conversations. These people tend to be friendly and optimistic, and they tend to have a lot of intuition that works.

The reason why people gravitate towards the socializer is that they tend to feel comfortable with this type of person. They talk a lot, are very enthusiastic and happy, and they tend to be quite quick to the draw others' attention.

Allows For Better Trust

Trust is a big part of communication. With friendly persuasion, you can show others that you care about them,which is likely to make them feel more comfortable trusting you.

Think about it, if you have a really good aura, are friendly, and persuade someone in a friendly way, the person is likely to like you. Building trust is key in persuading other, in the long-term.

You Can Get A Person To Listen To Anything

That's right; you totally can get a person to listen to whatever you want to say. This is a key part of friendly persuasion. By being a good listener, you'll get people to trust you. Listening to their demands, being friendly and catering to it, having a good, open mindset, you'll be able to showcase to anyone that you're worth investing in and listening to. Friendly persuasion works wonders, and if you've ever wanted to get others to listen to whatever you had to say, you'll get this opportunity by listening to others, as well. If they listen, they will invest and be influenced by you, so it plays a focal part in persuasion.

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Become A Better Persuader!

If you want to influence others and persuade others using the best way possible, you can do so by getting professional help. By speaking with a counselor, who can help you get to the root of your issues, you'll be able to persuade in a much healthier mindset and have much more influence. It's a simple type of persuasion, and it's something that you should consider if you want to change how you influence others, and how you come across to another person. Doing this will change the outlook others have on you because a friendly face says a lot.

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