What Is The Procrastination Bulldozer Method

Updated December 17, 2018

Reviewer Wendy Boring-Bray, DBH, LPC

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For some of us, beating procrastination is quite different from what you may think. Understanding that we do procrastinate and understand that it's more of a mental element than a physical element is essential. A very popular method that doesn't involve using complex goal setting is the procrastination bulldozer method. It is used in sales and marketing to get things done, but you can use it, in general, to help you better understand yourself, and get the things you need to be done, completed.

What Is It?

Mainly, it's a method that develops your mind into leaving procrastination in the dust. The procrastination bulldozer method essentially takes all of the obstructions that are in the way, clears them, and makes it smooth. What you essentially do, is you get a routine going, and follow that routine without any little different parts to it, and you don't need even to set goals.

This method is like a bulldozer. Bulldozers permanently clear away everything thoroughly, and this method essentially isn't selective on doing the work that you do, and essentially, it's the mindset of getting everything done, and not focusing on anything else.

So, how does this work? Well, mostly, you've got this plan. You put it together, something that you need to get done in that timeframe. And you mainly do it. You don't deviate from the plan, but essentially follow it to a T without any problems or anything stopping you. It is a mindset change. If you go into this with the mindset that you can do it, you'll be amazed at the difference that this makes, and you'll see as well the difference that this will create in your life.

Lots of times, we are selective about what we want to do. That's where we have a problem. Instead of just following the plan and not trying to pick and choose, we start to determine what we do, and that creates a problem because our mind won't be focused on the goal, but mainly will be all over the place, which is how the procrastination habit happens.

It happens because we tend to look at everything, instead of just bam, bam one after another.

The Process

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The process to do this is essentially creating urgency, where you're forced to take on the actions that you need to use the method for yourself. In that, you need to do the following:

  • Figure out the exact factors, obstacles, and reasons to overcome, and what you need to overcome to get success and not be stagnant
  • Identify all of the resources that you've got, and what you would like to do with them. This also includes any passions and dreams
  • Look at the resources that are available and what you would like to do with them, and what you need
  • Look at each of the pieces of knowledge, skills, and also your attitudes and characters that you'll need, and what you've got to develop
  • Then you ask yourself if you don't achieve this, what will be the result of this
  • Then identify what it will do if you do achieve those goals
  • Then identify the possible alternatives that you have, or solutions that you have in the first and both points
  • Put a very tight schedule for implementing all of these and an action plan that you have for point 7
  • From here, create a reward and punishment system for achieving the goals, or note taking action. The former is the rewards; the latter is the punishments
  • Every time you do tend to fail, you rework this and improvise the solution
  • Every time you do give in to the temptations, you should create anchors that are powerful for you to get through this
  • Get into hobbies that make you stretch and work on yourself each time, instead of creating a stagnant system for yourself

You'll probably run into habits and laziness that took you a long time to build up, and you're going to hit the wall on a couple of these. That's normal. Being able to understand this, and take action on this is a huge aspect of this, and procrastination is a huge element in our lives. Being able to take control over this, and being able to have the best and most rewarding aspects that you can, you'll be able to create the life that you want and overcome the procrastination that hits you on the way.

The Psychology of Procrastination

Did you know that there is a psychology behind this? That's right? Procrastination has its reasoning for doing all of this, and one of the key parts is unexpressed emotion. Essentially, you're given a task, and then you're overwhelmed. The emotion can be fear, freaking out, or even anger. From there, you essentially realize that it's frustrating to master a technique or something that you need to get done, and that's why the motivation goes away, because of the frustrations that come about because of this.

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Overcoming these can be difficult. When you're using the bulldozer method, you may notice that these negative emotions come up. That's because it's the times that you tried and failed, and your inability to face the situation. That's why you're getting stuck at that moment and why it keeps happening.

There is also the impulsiveness that comes into play where people are susceptible to rewards that are nearby, rather than those that are distant. While it may not be convenient, that's the nature of people and the world that we live in works on these two, they're essentially a part of us. If you think about it, you'll see temptations and that alone can distract us from the larger and later elements that we need to get done.

Think about it, let's take all of our dreams. We may have something we want to accomplish, such as maybe improving your relationship, having a bigger and better career, but then, you see that other little parts come into play to distract us, and we are so susceptible to these little elements, and usually, they're small, insignificant aspects like social media or cell phone games.

That's why it's important to understand and line out all of the temptations before you begin, and it's a huge part of the bulldozer method. That's because, with the bulldozer method, you See the temptations there, and you can identify them, instead of just passively ignoring them and then giving in to the temptations. You essentially have to learn that you have feelings attached to these, and you need to identify both of the emotions, temptations, and the failures associated with this.

Identifying Emotions

The bulldozer method goes over how you can identify these negative emotions, such as sadness, anger, or fear that came about because you failed. From here, once you've listed these down, you move them out of the way. Get these motions out of there, dealing with the emotional energy that comes from this, and from there; you'll be able to think clearly and break the task down, looking at what you need to accomplish.

It's essentially a form of recalibrating your thinking and understanding the psychology of this. It mostly understands all of this right now, and you should make sure that you know where you're going before you hurt yourself. That's why the plan is a huge part of this because if you know what you're doing, making each of the simple tasks into something that will snowball into something bigger, it will be easier. Being able to start off with a task or two, and from there improving on this, you can change the nature of this, and truly get it done.

It's magical what procrastination does to us. All of those negative thoughts, energies, and all of that do take a bit of a toll on us, but if you learn to essentially bulldoze all of that away, and make it so that you're able to see the bigger picture positively, you'll be able to create the happiness that you deserve rightfully.

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Learn to Control These Negative Thoughts

If you're going through this, and you notice that you're at the mercy of your negative thoughts, then it's best to make sure that you control these. Being able to understand the negative thoughts, what gets you unmotivated, and the like are huge aspects of this, and you'll be able to control and harness each of them. You can see a therapist for each of these and learning how to control the different aspects of this.

Controlling negative thoughts will help with biting that procrastination bug in the butt and being motivated will get you to the best level that you can be, and allow you to become the best person that you can be.

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