Beginning Your Journey: Utilizing A Free Myers Briggs Personality Test

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What is personality, exactly? It is something that people often refer to and describe offhand, but many people fail to fully understand what personality psychology is all about. A rough definition would be the amalgamation of behavior patterns, thoughts, and social attitudes that impact our interaction with ourselves, others, and the world around us. One of the most popular branches in the field of psychology, researchers attempt to define and understand traits and variation, how these come to interact with others, and how it develops in the first place.

Taking a free Myers Briggs personality test can be a good place to start when beginning your journey towards greater self-awareness. Small ways in which we approach problems or situations, or schemas, are methods of interacting with the environment. Individuals vary in their dominant methodology. Recognizing these categorical interactions, gives insight into both your own behavior and how others may vary from you.

An Interesting Yet Obvious Application

Self-actualization is a construct describing one's fulfillment of needs and its impact on a person's overall development. It theorizes that human beings have a hierarchy of needs that need to be fulfilled level by level in order to reach the theorized peak of self-actualization. These levels are:

  • physiological needs
  • need for safety
  • need for love
  • need for esteem
  • self-actualization


Different aspects of human interaction, especially the categorical differences between actors, are overwhelmingly overlooked. Realizing that others may be attuned to a certain type of communication or approach can help you to better adapt and harmoniously function together. Knowing about your personality type can help put into words how you react to others and things in your sensory environment, as well as giving you an idea of how your traits may interact with certain others.

Free Myers Briggs Personality Test


Myers Briggs is a test formulated with extensive research, essentially breaking up our known human population into sixteen different types, varying on 4 different dichotomous variables. There are many sites online where you can take a free Myers Briggs Personality test, whether it be to challenge or confirm an existing classification, or to give you an idea of what type you may be.

16Personalities is an awesome site with extensive profiles for each of the sixteen types, expanding on each in the direction of strengths and weaknesses, relationships with others, likely careers of fit, workplace habits, and more. This can be a method of advancing towards self-actualization, as such assessments can give insight into parts of your life that might need more attention.

Digging Deeper


The more you learn, the deeper you can venture into yourself and others, improving and advancing your communication skills. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses can help you identify areas of potential improvement in your life. While everyone is different, we all share common elements and patterns that can be documented and analyzed.

Speaking with a professional can be a good way to get started, as they may be able to look at your results with insightful application. BetterHelp is an online interface that connects those in need of mental health counseling with idiosyncratic licensed professional care. This knowledge can also serve to individualize your treatment plan if so needed. When you are aware of how things affect you and how you tend to react to things, you can be more cognizant of your behaviors going forward and potentially better craft your life to be your best self.

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