What Is The Zur Institute And How Can It Help You?

By Patricia Oelze|Updated May 10, 2022
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What does one do next in life after being a soldier, mariner, deep-sea diver, oceanographer, philanthropist, adventurer, traveler, and limnologist? One becomes a psychologist and opens an institute for online learning, which is exactly what Ofer Zur, Ph.D. did.

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With the help of a competent tech team, Israeli-born Zur launched the Zur Institute as a pioneering online school in 1995, in Sonoma, California, US. To date, it remains one of the major portals for continuous education (CE) and training for especially US-based psychotherapists and other healthcare professionals. The Institute's focus is on quality, creativity, and innovation, and all online courses are CE accredited, and Board approved.

The Zur Institute also offers a large database of information on health and wellness for the general public, with plenty of material for the introspective and enquiring individual.

How Can the Institute Help Psychotherapists And Other Healthcare Professionals?

  • Challenging, Board-approved, online CE courses are the major focus of the Zur Institute, and it serves thousands of healthcare professionals every year. Topics are numerous and diverse and include titles like trauma and PTSD; psychology of the Web; diversity, and diagnosis and the DSM, to name but a few. Students can expect to find innovative and cutting-edge topics, such as, for instance, Mindfulness and Meditation in Psychotherapeutic Practice. This introductory course looks at the science-backed inclusion of these integrative interventions into psychotherapy. Professionals are also invited to submit proposals for courses.
  • In only a few hours, CE credits can be earned online, with extra resources and learning materials available for free.
  • Valuable advice is offered on how to manage the pitfalls of managed care regarding abuse and harm done to consumers and psychotherapists alike.
  • A comprehensive Fee-for-Service Private Practice Handbook is available, already in its seventh edition, written by the Institute's founder, Ofer Zur, himself. The book offers advice on how to build, maintain and manage a thriving private practice in secular times.
  • Education is given on how risk management can increase risk and decrease clinical effectiveness for psychotherapists, as well as how to ensure the clinical integrity and quality care. The Risky Business of Risk Management is a paper that forms part of a CE-accredited online course on Ethical Risk Management. There are Guidelines on flexible approaches to clinical practice that make for more humane practices, and critical thinking.
  • Detailed guidelines show practitioners how to shift their focus from the Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) and pathology to practices that encourage health and wellness.

Other services include resources such as a comprehensive catalog of forms and other private practice and clinical resources; also access to scheduled seminars, keynotes, workshops, lectures, live presentations, webinars, teleconferences and radio interviews. Essential clinical forms and other basic tools are made available for psychotherapists, counselors, MFTs and social workers in private practice. There is also a page with general resources and updates for all mental health practitioners.

How Can The Institute Help The General Public?

Educating the general public is another focus of the Institute, with numerous resources in the form of free articles, video and audio recordings, and seminars and lectures on a great variety of topics. These include:

  • Psychotherapy: teaching, consulting and a critique of therapy
  • Health and living fully
  • Calling or vocation
  • Love, marriage, infidelity, and
  • PTSD, violence, and victimhood
  • Growing old with dignity, death and dying

Seminars, lectures, and workshops cover topics such as:

  • The Psychology of Technology, which covers Internet addiction, online gaming addiction, and cyber-wellness. This workshop encourages understanding of the psychology of the Internet, assessment, intervention and how to create a healthy balance.
  • Shrinks on Screen: Portrayals of Therapists in Movies, which gives Zur's perspective on the way in which psychologists are portrayed and viewed, as well as informing the public on expectations and assumptions about these professionals in society.
  • The Metaphor of Illness: Understanding the Meaning of Your "Dis-ease," which is an experimental, didactic workshop that requires extensive personal work. It is aimed at both professionals who work with chronically ill or frequently diseased patients, and members of the public who experience chronic illness or frequent disease.

In all his work, Zur draws heavily on his journey and experiences to information from a place of authenticity. His work is hallmarked by encouraging critical thinking and challenging commonly-accepted and unquestioned beliefs and 'truths.'

Expert Witness & Forensic Consultations

As part of the Institute's service offerings, Zur can be hired as an expert witness and forensic consultant, for which service he is uniquely qualified.

Individualized Professional Consultations

He also offers individual consultations for psychotherapists, counselors and other mental health professionals on ethical and clinical issues. This service includes the following and more:

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  • Expert advice on how to make informed and ethical clinical decisions.
  • Advice on how to think in ways that encourage and aid professionals through risk-benefit analysis.
  • Guidance on how to manage unjust malpractice suits.
  • Personalized and contextualized guidance from Zur on the standard of care as it applies in specific situations. These cover a plethora of topics, such as boundary crossing and boundary violations; home visits; running a home office; bartering; therapy outside the office and adventure therapy; psychotherapist-patient sexual involvement, conflict of interest, the scope of practice, and so forth.

Customer Feedback

Since 1995, the Zur Institute has helped thousands of professionals and others, accumulating high praise for the quality of the courses, and the personalized approach to them.

Claire D., Aurora, CO - As a licensed marriage and family therapist, I am always looking for quality continuing the education that is relevant to my practice. I can say without question, that Zur Institute offers the most broad-based and research-supported courses available for counselors, therapists, and psychologists of any online provider today. And aside from great courses, Zur has many superb resources for all in the mental health field.

Jen K., Oakland, CA - A simple and economical way to get online CEUs that meet the CA BBS standards. I'm giving them five stars because of the outstanding customer service. Any time I've had a question, I've got an almost immediate response. I highly recommend this site!

S.E. (Ph.D.), New York, US - Hello Dr. Dave, Dropping you a note of deep appreciation for the courses on Jungian Psychotherapy from the Zur Institute. I am a military officer and psychologist starting my path in Jungian Analysis after becoming rather disillusioned by the evidenced-based zeitgeist dominating current practice. I am a war veteran (Afghanistan with the Marines) and currently direct a clinic geared to stop the suicidal behavior in soldiers. For my healing, Jungian therapy has been the only method I've found that has helped me personally after trying everything else! Being in a remote location (Fort Drum in Northern NY state) and having three disabled children has limited my ability to find training and your course helped me a great deal… so thank you very much. On a slight aside, I've begun incorporating Jungian concepts to the treatment of suicidal soldiers with rather remarkable success. Between my analysis and your program, I've been able to put some impactful therapeutic methods into place that alters the suicidal mindset very successfully. Thanks again!

I.L., L.M.F.T., California, US - What I love about your program is you have to work at knowing the information. Not like others, that kind of guides you to find one question after another in a row… I am enjoying your training. Especially since I have big trouble with memory. But the way your program is set up, I learn the hard way - by real studying. That way I could keep that information wedged in my brain, to use it upon request or when I need it. Big thank you!

S.C, L.M.F.T., California, US - Hello Dr. Zur, I cannot thank you enough for eliciting empathy for my generation during your "Ethics with Soul" workshop at CAMFT's annual conference! This was the 1st time I have felt supported and validated as a newly licensed MFT and as a millennial. I am so grateful that a seasoned mental health professional like yourself can understand us with curiosity rather than judgment. I am also so glad that you're able to advocate for us because so many younger people have been put down so much that they've given up. I want to join with you in advocating for the "young ones," especially when talking to the older generation. I appreciate the work you've done and continue to do. Thanks again!

Finding Help

Enquiry and learning will go far to aid any person in his or her journey to heal emotionally and psychologically. However, knowledge and attending courses are not always enough, and sometimes therapy or counseling is called for. BetterHelp is well-positioned to assist any person in crisis, with qualified and trained mental health professionals available online.

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