Is There Psychological Harm In Feeling Unappreciated?


Feeling unappreciated can affect not only your emotions but also how you think and act. If others seem to ignore what you do for them, it can feel devastating. You might wonder if the things you do for others are really worth the effort. From there, it might seem easiest to isolate yourself from them and stop trying. While there is harm in these behaviors, the question you need to answer for yourself first is whether the feeling itself can harm you.

Does It Matter If You Are Feeling Unappreciated?


To live a fulfilling life, you need to pay attention not only to your feelings, but also to your thoughts and behaviors. Thoughts influence feelings, feelings influence behavior, and behavior influences thoughts and feelings, too. Your feelings are definitely important to you because they can give you clues about what matters most in your life. They are also a crucial part of the human experience. However, the feeling alone can't hurt you psychologically. It is how you deal with the feeling that really matters.

Do Feelings Automatically Lead to Certain Behaviors?


Feelings can have a profound effect on the choices you make and the way you behave. However, no feeling automatically leads to any specific behavior. Knowing that you own your own being and that you can choose to stay in the situation or move on is the best way to avoid psychological harm from ungrateful people.

Communication Can Improve the Relationship


When you feel like no one cares about who you are or what you've done for them, you can often solve the problem completely by communicating your feelings with them. Without accusing them of anything, express your emotions clearly. Talk about the times when you feel that way. Many times, the other person just doesn't realize their actions have influenced your emotions that way. If, on the other hand, the person truly doesn't appreciate you, you know where you stand and can choose better ways to get the appreciation you deserve.

How Being Objective Can Help You

Looking carefully at a situation in which you're feeling unappreciated can help you get a clearer understanding of what's really happening. Perhaps the person who seems to be unappreciative has gotten so wrapped up in their busy life that they don't show their gratitude for what you do. But, that's about them and their life. It isn't about you. Noticing what seems to be behind the lack of appreciation can help you realize that what you're doing matters to someone even if they don't show it.


If it's hard to remain objective and reason out what to do next, a therapist can help you better define your feelings and make reasonable choices. Licensed therapist are available for this discussion at whenever you are ready to take charge of your emotions and make the choices that benefit you.

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