Finding People To Talk To During Hard Times

Meaningful Relationships Are Good for Our Health

There are people that are more compatible together than others. That is just a fact of reality. We all relate on different levels and enjoy doing different things both alone and in groups. Friends help to share our afflictions, celebrate our victories, and alleviate existential anxiety and loneliness. Having people to talk to that really understand your interests and motives can do wonders for your sense of feeling at home, supported, challenged, and accepted.

Maintaining Healthy Supportive Relationships is an Important Part of Life
An Online Therapist Can Help You With Social Skills


Understanding Variation

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses helps you to know what you most need from your relationships with others. Our interactions and connections with those in our lives, no matter the context of the relationship, give us things that we need and can't always provide for ourselves. We all have features that can be complemented and brought out by those different from ourselves. Some factors indicative of relationship satisfaction are good communication, common values and interests, and capacity for conflict resolution, and it seems that the colloquialism "opposites attract" does not necessarily stand true in terms of compatibility.

Making Your Own Family

They say that when you grow up and begin to make relationships outside of your relatives, that you can create your own family built from people that complement you and uniquely treasure your gifts and characteristics. Sometimes, the families that we are born into may not have anything particularly wrong with them, but can just have differing styles of living or languages of love, making us feel somewhat alienated around them. Part of self-development is getting to know the things and places which provide you with feelings of safety or comfort.


People to Talk to

Remember that friendships don't just pop up immediately. Intimacies are developed over time. It seems that some people are just on a more similar wavelength than others, in effect are the same kind of different as you are. Some connections may arise right away and feel as if you have known them for years, while others are bolstered through mutual experience and exposure.

Being around people that you don't feel as if you can truly be your full self can drain your energy and make you feel odd and misunderstood. BetterHelp is an online interface aimed at connecting more people to quality and affordable mental health care. Getting in touch with a therapist or mental health professional can be one way of getting a hold of your needs and eccentricities, especially when you are faced with the need for intimacy.

Maintaining Healthy Supportive Relationships is an Important Part of Life
An Online Therapist Can Help You With Social Skills


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