Funny Science Pick-Up Lines That Draw On Human Nature

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If your previous romantic interactions have felt out of touch, try some science pick-up lines to make an intellectual connection. Chemistry and science are behind many reasons humans fall in love, so using them to attract a partner could help you find like-minded individuals. 

Whether the person you are attracted to is a scientist or you want to impress a new love interest with your knowledge of human nature, science pick-up lines could be a light-hearted, funny way to break the ice. 

If you struggle to meet people or maintain a healthy relationship, speaking with a qualified therapist may help you examine any personal issues holding you back. Therapy can be an effective tool for modifying behaviors and thought processes that make it feel challenging to relate to others. 
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The Science Of Pick-Up Lines 

A research study examined the effectiveness of pick-up lines and found that certain styles of openings were more likely to succeed. The study also found that the recipient’s personality style and mood contributed to a pick-up line’s success. 

Many participants rated pick-up lines focused on culture, athleticism, generosity, and wealth as the most likely to lead to further conversation, while those centered on empty compliments or overtly sexual innuendos were the least effective. 

A separate study specifically aimed at the perceived effectiveness of women’s pick-up lines found that age was a negligible factor, while the subject’s extraversion was particularly key to success.

Science-Related Pick-Up Lines 

Below are a few science-related pick-up lines to try when connecting with someone new. 

“Even If There Were No Gravity On Earth, I’d Still Fall For You.”

This funny science pick-up line acknowledges a human habit: believing all accomplishments are possible with love. Even though it might be scientifically impossible to fall without gravity, love doesn’t necessarily follow logic. When you meet someone you love, it might feel like the emotion has altered your entire state of being, as love causes chemical flooding in the brain.

Additionally, scientific studies show that healthy relationships can improve your overall health. If you are falling in love, try this pick-up line to show your partner or love interest how much you care. 

“Hey Baby, Want To Form A Synapse With Me And Exchange Neurotransmitters?”

Humans may enjoy being around humans who stimulate them mentally. Each time you learn something new, your brain forms a synapse. Research shows that the exchange of information activates your neurotransmitters and triggers areas of the brain connected with memory, creativity, and cognitive skills. This pick-up line might work if you or your partner knows a lot about neuropsychology or neuroscience. 

“It’s Like You Have A Positive Charge And I Have A Negative Charge. There’s Attraction Between Us.”

“Opposites attract” has been a cliché for a long time because it may ring true in the scientific world. As this pick-up line indicates, magnetism may play a role in attraction. Humans are a social species, and the allure of opposites can bridge gaps in understanding and provide a balanced perspective of the world. 

Finding a balance between commonalities and differences in your relationship may lead to a healthy romantic experience with your partner. However, if you plan to be in a long-term relationship, there are specific fundamental differences you and your partner should discuss. For example, if one of you wants to get married or have children and the other doesn’t, that could present serious issues in the relationship.

You may also want to discuss any profound feelings about religion, how to raise a child or general plans for the long-term future. If you and your partner have insurmountable differences of opinion, it might be worth discussing early on. If you go into a new relationship aware of the issues, you could feel open to compromising if it becomes an issue.  

“How About We Turn Some Of This Potential Energy Into Kinetic Energy?”

Attraction and hormones can lead to nervousness, sweating, and increased adrenaline levels. While this funny science pick-up line may sound a bit naughty, it could also be interpreted as a suggestion to start a romantic relationship. 

Harvard Medical School associate professor of psychiatry, Richard Schwartz, notes that “love also turns on the neurotransmitter dopamine, which is known to stimulate the brain’s pleasure centers. Couple that with a drop in serotonin levels — which adds a dash of obsession — and you have the crazy, pleasing, stupefied, urgent love of infatuation.”

“You Can Call Me Bond; Covalent Bond.”

You may find yourself attracted to those with an overabundance of charisma, like the infamous British spy James Bond. Charisma may be a transformative trait because vibrancy and character appeal may compensate for deficiencies in other areas, such as physical appeal and financial stability. Using this quote could be fun if you want to appear charming to your love interest. 

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“You’d Better Be A Cardiologist Because Something About You Makes Me Want To Give You My Heart.”

While many people have considered the heart the source of emotion and love, science has proven that love is all in your head—your brain, specifically. Scientists in fields spanning the whole spectrum, from neuroscience to anthropology, have studied the science of love. The feelings humans identify as love are all caused by neurochemicals in the brain. However, just because the chemical composition of love can be calculated in a chemistry lab doesn’t mean the emotion has such clear rules. 

You may feel emotions in many areas of your body, including your heart. We may associate love with hearts because of media imagery or the feeling we get when we lose someone close to us.

Examining Your Dating Strategy With A Professional 

In many ways, speaking to a therapist might improve your dating life. Whether seeking a casual relationship or looking for someone to spend the rest of your life with, a qualified therapist could help you examine what you want from the love in your life and how to connect with others healthily.  

If you just got out of a relationship and want to ensure you don’t face similar issues with a new partner, it may be beneficial to speak to a therapist and determine where things went wrong. Working with a therapist may make it easier to understand your “self-talk” and how to build a more positive view of yourself, and therapy can be a confidence boost because it often places a precise value on your well-being.

Additionally, therapy may allow you to: 

  • Understand your attachment style and how you form relationships 
  • Clarify what you want from a romantic partner 
  • Address and work through issues with sex and intimacy
  • Build deeper and stronger emotional connections
  • Develop your dating skills and understanding of non-verbal cues
  • Learn how to be a healthy partner
  • Work through lingering emotions from past relationships 
Are You Looking For A Deeper Connection?

Talking about your dating life and habits with a licensed therapist can help you build a plan to meet intelligent, compatible people. Whether you choose in-person treatments or speak with someone online, you may find that a therapist can help you examine past relationships and identify areas where you could make beneficial changes. Many therapists use cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) as an effective treatment for various mental health conditions. According to recent research, online CBT can be as effective as face-to-face treatments, offering a more cost-effective option and presenting an opportunity to develop a trusting bond with your therapist. 

Additionally, online therapy can be done through video, phone, or live chat sessions from a safe location, such as your home. If online therapy seems beneficial, providers like BetterHelp for individuals and Regain for couples offer convenient appointments in whatever format works for your schedule. 


If you find meeting people with compatible personalities challenging, talking with a licensed therapist may help you discover dating strategies to allow for a deeper connection. While scientific research supports the use of tasteful pick-up lines, knowing what you’re looking for in a relationship can be valuable. Additionally, a therapist may help you learn other strategies for starting relationships.  

Build healthy relationship habits with a professional

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