Funny Science Pick-Up Lines That Reveal Something About Human Nature

Updated October 06, 2021
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To the rest of the human race, scientists seem to gravitate in their own world – a world made up of symbols, chemistry and mathematical equations. They aren’t just human. They are supra human and communicate on a wavelength that surpasses satellite bandwidth.

Popular Science Pick Up Lines

science pick up lines

“Even if there were no gravity on earth, I’d still fall for you.”

Scientists have a reputation for rationalizing their emotions, which can add to the supra-human illusion of remote analysis. However, the truth is, scientists are just as emotionally fallible as anyone, and that includes falling in love. Aside from these science pick up lines, falling in love defies all rationale, all logic. It ignores the basic laws of science. This funny science pick-up line acknowledges the basic human trait to believe that with love, all things are possible.

While all things are possible with love, it’s important to have an understanding of love and all that it entails, science pick up lines aside. For starters, someone who truly loves and cares for you is going to want what’s best for you. They’re going to want you to be happy and moreover, they’re going to treat you with respect at all times. This doesn’t mean that there won’t be arguments, disagreements, or times where you don’t necessarily see eye-to-eye. However, the manner in which someone treats you speaks volumes about how they truly feel and whether or not they really love you.

“Hey baby, want to form a synapse with me and exchange neurotransmitters?”

As demonstrated by these science pick up lines, the people we enjoy being around the most are the ones who excite us mentally. We chat with those who share the same interests. We join clubs and organizations with common goals. Each time we learn something new, our brains form a synapse. This exchange of information stimulates all our neurotransmitters, opening up areas of the brain connected with cognitive skills, creativity, and memory. Even though this funny science pick-up line is a double entendre, it’s also a frank statement on why we become attracted to people who have common interests and goals.

Whenever you’re dating or considering entering into a relationship with someone, it’s important to consider whether or not you two have common goals and interests. This doesn’t mean that you have to agree on every single thing or enjoy all of the same activities; although, you should have shared interest with the other individual. Having things in common ensures that you both can have a good time with one another. After all, how will you really get to bond if you and your prospective partner are lacking shared interests and goals?

However, there is a flip side to this; while it’s great for you and your partner to have things in common, you also don’t want to have too much in common. Similarities are amazing, but there should also be some differences in order to establish a healthy balance in the relationship. For instance, if both you and your partner are hot-headed during arguments, this can be potentially explosive under the right circumstances. On the other hand, if one of you is hot-headed and the other is more soothing and receptive even when there are certain disagreements, this can provide a healthy balance. The bottom line is that you and your partner should definitely have things in common without having too much in common, no matter what pick up lines say.

“It’s like you have a positive charge and I have a negative charge. There’s attraction between us.”


Opposites attract. It’s another one of those lawless qualities that come with following in love. There’s no reason for it other than magnetism, as displayed by these silly science pick up lines. Philosophers and followers of ancient Chinese culture would call it the yin and yang, the balance between black and white. As a species, we are social by nature. The attraction of opposites is often the desire to bridge gaps in understanding and arrive at a balanced perspective.

As previously stated, balance and certain differences in relationships are very healthy. They help keep things interesting and can provide new outlooks and perspectives. However, there are certain areas where you and your partner do not necessarily want to be too oppositional towards one another. For example, if one of you wants to have children, but the other doesn’t, then that can present some serious issues if not end the relationship altogether.

Moreover, if one of you has strong religious beliefs and the other is a hardcore atheist or agnostic, that may or not be problematic. But there are relationships where the partners have different religions or faith beliefs and were able to find a way to make it work.

“Hey baby, how about we turn some of this potential energy into kinetic energy?”

When we are attracted to someone, we’re guided by our pheromones. As teenagers, healthy hormones and testosterone are jumping out of our pockets, and the situation doesn’t improve much until we reach middle age or older. This translates into nervousness, sweat glands, and accelerated adrenaline levels. That’s a lot of bottled up energy and the natural desire is to put it to physical use. While these funny science pick-up lines sound a little naughty, it can also be interpreted as a suggestion to start dating.

If and when you begin thinking of becoming physically intimate with someone, it’s important to take certain precautions. In most cases, this means using protection, particularly during sex. Using protection not only helps you and your partner remain safe but it can furthermore help prevent pregnancy or the contraction of various sexually transmitted infections. Using protection during intimacy does not mean that you and your partner don’t trust each other; it simply means that you each are being careful and taking the proper responsibility which comes along with “turning potential energy into kinetic energy.” Finally, it goes without saying that all parties involved should consent to any form of intimacy, whether or not you start with science pick up lines.

“You can call me Bond, Covalent Bond.”


The most unforgettable people in our lives are the ones who can only be described as having charisma. They might not be especially attractive or have outstanding features, but they have a vibrancy and character appeal that makes them irresistible. Charismatic characters often become leaders remembered throughout history, local legends or the subject of journalists and fiction writers. Just like everyone else, scientists are vulnerable to charismatic characters and don’t mind exploring a little charisma themselves.

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