Getting A Grip: What You Resist Persists


Channeling Your Inspiration

Creating a special space that reminds you of what's important and what you are working towards can lend itself to improve your daily outlook. We give power to the things that we focus on, as the more we bring a concept, feeling, or reaction to the forefront of our toolboxes, the more our brains will be likely to choose that reaction in the future. It may be only a simple collage of things that interest you, such as photos of places, people or things that you love. Fill it full of things that bring positive emotions into your day when you look at them. They say that what you resist persists, but there is an argument to be made that what you focus on is truly what persists.

Bringing Your Dreams to Life

Use mental imagery to imagine and enhance your successes, which is something that we all do instinctively and spontaneously. However, we can learn ways to implement these behaviors and to make them more likely behavioral reactions through regular use. Maintaining and inspiring confidence by replaying previous successes and recalling the feelings associated with them is the root concept for application. It's essentially a method of rehearsing your approach and strategy for a situation, as well as filling you with idiosyncratic drive as you tap into the things that make you glad to be alive.

Making a Vision Board


More so than focusing on material things that you want, focus on isolating and identifying things that inspire feelings that you would like to feel more often, allowing them to permeate your life. Adding trinkets from times where you were stimulated by the energy, meant to be a reminder and bring this motivation and invigoration to the forefront. The whole purpose is personal motivation, and following as such, each board or space will be incredibly different from the next. Start by thinking about the areas in your life which could use attention, such as health, finances, relationships, home organization, travel aspirations, and other areas of personal growth.

What You Resist Persists

Take inventory of what you want out of your life, work on identifying this and putting it into words. Writing down your goals by hand can be a way of focusing your mental energy. Getting an outside perspective may give you a new lease on your situation, opening your eyes to potential areas of improvement that you had not even thought about before. There are professionals trained to have an eye for where individuals can make these edits and find maximum inspiration and energy. BetterHelp is an online resource created with the aim of connecting more people to affordable and convenient mental health care, aspiring to reduce the stigma many people feel when seeking initial care. Speaking with an expert can yield insight into the areas of your life that could most benefit from making changes.


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