Want What You Can’t Have: Dream Big But Be Realistic

Taking the First Step

Envision what your ideal life would look like, get an idea of what you want out of life, and then chase it. Simply saying that you want to accomplish an endeavor can be overwhelming and subsequently unattainable because you are chasing a broad goal without an identifiable first step. Break down what you want to achieve into a statement of action. Doing something a little bit every day and making investments with your time bit by bit can have a huge impact.

Where you choose to invest your time and energy has immense consequences. We all have walls and limitations that we place on ourselves. When you want what you can't have, re-examine this construct and open yourself to the idea that it can be a matter of opening your mind to the possibilities that your life can bring.

You Can Continue To Dream Big, But Make Sure Your Goals Are Realistic!
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Chasing Self-Actualization

Self-exploration paves the road towards self-actualization, requiring introspection and breaking out of your comfort zone, as well as the comfort zones of others. Engaging in this process can inspire the confidence and independence needed to try new things and broach new frontiers. This can look different for each person, it may result in you making many small changes, or it may lead you to rethink some major constructs that you hold and live by, such as your political affiliation or religious stances.

The aim shouldn't be material gain, but to grow as a person and transform into a better you. Many people refrain from truly being themselves because they worry about what others may think or how they might react. Choose your company carefully, as they say that you become most like those that you are consistently around. In a broad sense, when you are the smartest person in the room, find another room. Not to say that you can't learn things from those around you, but mainly calling for a general aim toward self-betterment.

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Installing New Habits

We all have needs that are postulated to exist on a hierarchy, such that they subsequently must be met in order to have a drive to meet the next level. The base need is to meet physiological necessities such as hydration, eating, oxygen, and sleep. Someone who is deprived of these things will not have any external interests until they satisfy these maintenance factors. The second level in the hierarchy concerns a need for safety, basically a moderately secure and stable environment that shelters us from predators and the elements.

This should leave us with a feeling of calm, allowing us to further proceed up the hierarchy to belonging and love needs. As humans, we all have a need to be accepted and cared for to find inner strength and experience feelings of wholeness. These are the base levels of the hierarchy that must be met to progress towards self-actualization.

You Can Continue To Dream Big, But Make Sure Your Goals Are Realistic!
Work On Confronting Core Problems In Online Therapy

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When You Want What You Can't Have

Hustling towards your goals without totally cluing in those around you can make success all the sweeter. Professionals at BetterHelp are trained to help people maximize their mental energy and potential. Quietly chasing your dreams has the power to fill you with energy, while sheltering you from the opinions and judgement of others. Not to say that input from those around you isn't valuable and necessary, but so is the act of introspection and self-worth. Finding worth in yourself and your own actions without the need of constant commendation from others is incredibly liberating, allowing us to tap into our true preferences and dreams.

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