How Betterhelp Helped Me To Be A Stronger Mother And Confident Woman - Rebecca Jump

Updated February 27, 2019

Prior to BetterHelp I have tried in person counseling provided by the Health & Social Services Authority and the experience was supportive, uplifting & relieving however besides the rushed time management factor (as it was a fly in service and clients had a limited time in session) the service became unavailable. I was in a toxic, narcissistic marriage at the time and needed to continue the help not to fall back into my "dark place" as I would describe it and when the worse came in separation, I was distraught, torn, broken and panicking. Knowing the in person counseling was unavailable I would use the 1-800 Help Line in our territory which helped me but I needed more. I was on my Facebook scrolling when I came across the BetterHelp ad offering online counseling services I was reluctant to try but was desperate to try anything.

After reading a few reviews I decided to give it a shot in seeking help in anxiety, depression, addictions, childhood trauma, and relationships issues. I have been working with my counselor Brad Burklow since November 2015 and I have improved so much since first signing up in becoming more independent, confident, secure in emotions and feelings, letting go of my past, not dwelling in the past and the hurt, to live in the present more, appreciate what I have and have to learn.

I am now at a place in life I can comfortably say if anything were to come my way I will be stronger, confident and stand my ground whereas before I would be passive, avoid confrontation by agreeing. My counselor helped me improve my specific situation by addressing each emotion or issue/problem and continue to address until I come to an understanding such as self esteem, forgiveness, and insecurity. I've learned breathing & grounding techniques, communication in confrontation, understanding attachment styles and clarification in values.

The biggest achievement I've made as a result from counseling with BetterHelp is how much strength I have as a single mother of 2, confident in love again as I am now in a healthy & loving relationship, and live in the moment not dwelling on the past.

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