What Is The Choleric Temperament?

Updated January 02, 2019

The idea of temperaments is that we are born with some aspects of our personality. There are quite a few ideas of temperaments, and in this post, we will look at the four temperaments and especially focus on choleric temperament.

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What Are The Four Temperaments?

The four temperaments is a concept that has been around for a long time and has had less popularity in contemporary times. Despite this, the four temperaments are still worth looking at. Here they are:

  • Sanguine. The sanguine temperament is said to be centered towards people who are social and active. They always think positive and are the extroverted types who always want social sustenance. If a sanguine person has nothing to do, they get bored. They are very open and have a hard time keeping secrets as well.
  • Choleric. Choleric people are extroverted as well, but in a more leadership oriented sense. They are logical and use facts. We will go into further detail of this type later on.
  • Melancholic. Melancholic people are logical as well, and they are focused on the details and thoughts. These people have introversion, and they do not want to be responsible for public speaking. They are perfectionists as well.
  • Phlegmatic. Phlegmatic people are introverted as well, but they are much more peaceful. They care about others and want to make peace between people whenever they can.

More On The Choleric Personality Trait

As mentioned before, choleric people are the alpha leaders of the group. They want to be the people who make the rules and are on top of everyone else. These people are competitive in anything they do, be it at work or even during conversations. Their words are always commanding and ordering, even if they are trying to be friendly. When they say things, they do so with such certainty that they could tell you the sky is green and you would believe them.

The problem with people of this personality trait is that they can't seem to take criticism. If they are criticized or even simply opposed, they will confront people and try to dominate those who they received criticism from. They will try to win through loudness, or by keeping cool under pressure.

When you think of a choleric personality, you may imagine a bully. However, not many cholerics are actual bullies. Some of them despise bullies and instead want to make peace with everyone else.

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For them, competition is not bullying, but a part of the game. They will want to prove themselves and challenge those who they feel are their antagonists. They believe that proving themselves right is sometimes better than reaching the truth. When they lose, they feel it, and they will go fiercer next time. A choleric may lie or use dirty tactics to win, but not all, of course.

Someone who is a choleric personality doesn't like authority, even though they want to be authoritarian. They want to be on top of the food chain and be on top. As mentioned before, they will use any trick in the book. Those who are bullies will humiliate those they do not like because they love to feel superior and want to show that person they don't like who the boss is. When they do make a mistake, they will often blame others if possible, and they will do so to make themselves feel much better about themselves. They do like to define people, but what they do not like to do is to have themselves defined. To them, there is a clear double standard, and that double standard is designed to fit them.

Let's look at the extroversion of cholerics. Some people like to be extroverted to get social satisfaction from people. However, cholerics are not extroverted because of that. They want to be extroverted to speak their mind and because they want to mess around with the affairs of others. When there are brand new situations, and thrill seeks, they will respond to those, just like another extroverted person.

Let's now talk about how they give their opinions out. When some people give their opinions, they may try to sugar coat it in order not to hurt someone. A choleric person isn't like that. Instead, they will say their opinions with no filter whatsoever without considering the feelings on the other line. This is because they believe in people saying things like it is rather than lying about how they feel. In a way, this mindset can be good, but there are times when you should keep your mouth shut to keep the peace.

Let's also talk about how they accomplish a task. Some people are thinkers, and they will create different scenarios in their mind to solve the problem. A person who is choleric is not like that. Instead, they will solve the problem in the easiest way possible and through brute force. It doesn't matter if the solution hurts others. As long as they have the problem finished, it does not matter.

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Now, let's talk about the pride of a choleric person. As mentioned before, they hate to admit they have flaws and they always want to be right. When they do admit flaws, it's to feel superior. For example, some may think that admitting flaws is a sign of strength. With that said, confessing flaws without an ulterior motive is rare, and they will instead try to show how right they are.

Someone who is choleric can be a good friend to you if you are supportive of them. They may be supportive back. However, if one argues with a choleric person, expect them to be petty and try to destroy your life however possible unless you come groveling to them.

These people rarely show fear, even if their body language says otherwise. Like being wrong, the only time they will admit to being fearful is if they can get a reward from it. These people may act like they have no fears at all, even if they secretly do. Most people have some kind of fear, but a choleric person may act fearless, and there is no way for you to prove or disprove their fears

Another concept of a choleric person is the idea of tough love. Tough love involves people who are brash and rude to you, but they are doing it because they want you to be a better person as a result. They don't believe in babying you because they feel like they will end up making a problem a whole lot worse. The belief is that they want you to be independent and not rely on others. Cholerics are especially free of any people who will oppress them, and if anyone tries to make them follow the rules, they will bend them until they break.

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When a choleric is insulted, they don't seem to be hit by any criticism. Their skin appears to be thick, and criticizing them just doesn't seem to work. They will often laugh at your criticisms and instead try to make you feel bad for criticizing them. Even if they end up being upset by it in private, they will never show it.

In the past, a choleric was the leader of the tribe. They were the ones who lead other tribe members to gather the meat and to start the fires. They would compete with other tribe leaders to see who is on top, and it didn't matter who was hurt by it.

In modern times, these are the managers, leaders, politicians, team captains, and other people who are leading. If they aren't leaders, they will be soon, and they guarantee it.

Is It Accurate?

We gave you quite a lot for you to process. While the four temperaments are an interesting way to classify people, you really can't divide people into four different categories. Some people may have personality traits from all four temperaments, and they cannot be put into a category. This is just a fun way to see some people. Not every team leader is going to be tough and afraid of criticism. Some are nice and want to lead with positivity. It's just like every other just for fun classification of people. They are just for fun, and not a way to truly measure people. We are more complex than that.

Seek Help!

Temperaments are said to be traits people are biologically prone to. However, you can change many aspects of your personality. You are not completely tied down to your genetics or how you were raised. If you want to be more assertive or more empathetic, there are ways to do that. One way is to speak to a counselor.

A counselor can help by pointing out all the flaws in your personality. Speak to one today and see how they can help you. You can change.

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