Best Online Therapy: How Are The “Best” Online Therapy Websites Ranked?

Online therapy and correspondence therapy has been struggling since the 1990s, but within the last three decades, we've seen the scientific community embrace the model. According to recent studies, the best online therapy programs evaluated from the year 2000 to 2012, proved effective in reducing negative thoughts, depressive symptoms and other mental health issues.

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In many cases, the online therapy was proven to be even more effective than in-person therapy. How is this possible? For starters, effective online therapy was not merely a well written correspondence course or a "life coach" session. These programs were based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy technique, which has been studied as the most effective therapy to treat depression and anxiety-equal to or even more effective than medication, according to some studies.

Online therapy that incorporates C.B.T. IS essentially in-person therapy with one major difference: additional pressures that trigger anxiety attacks, like driving to the clinic, or confronting a doctor face to face are eliminated. The patient is able to focus on applying the techniques and the practical advice the therapist offers.


According to studies published in JAMA Psychiatry, online therapy was kinder to doctors as well, since in-person doctors are typically overworked and stressed, leading to impaired judgment or even their own issues with depression.

The Best Online Therapy Offers Education and Experience

Now in order for therapy to be truly effective, the therapist must come from an educational background. Licensed and accredited therapists typically come with Master's Degrees or even a Doctorate Degree, and specialize in a specific field. Education, however, is only half of the tough screening process. Certification and licensing requires experience, sometimes up to three years and thousands of in-person training with another doctor.

It's also important to remember that the best online therapy will not be the most educated or experienced doctor/therapist. Rather, it will be one with education and experience that matches your need. There are family counselors as well as therapists who specialize in depression and/or bipolar. Lastly, don't forget the importance of the personal relationship between client and therapist. You should choose someone whom you enjoy chatting with, someone who puts you at ease.

It's About Time to Find Out What Kind of Therapy is Going to Work For You.
Search For The Best Online Therapy For Your Needs Here


At, you can always expect the best online therapy, one centered around you, and based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy-practical treatment suggestions that can help. CBT has been proven to change thinking patterns and lead to successful treatment.

If you have problems with depression or anxiety, why not chat with a therapist that understands you and can give you the best therapy available outside of an office?

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