I Need Help For My Child: Where Can I Find A Teen Therapist Near Me?

By: Robert Porter

Updated February 05, 2021

Medically Reviewed By: Whitney White, MS. CMHC, NCC., LPC

Being a parent is not always easy. When you have a child, it is one of the most profound experiences that you will ever have in life. Your child is someone that you love and cherish. You would do anything to protect them, and that is why it is so difficult to see them struggle.

It's Painful To Watch Your Child Struggle
Therapy Can Help - Get Matched With A Licensed Therapist Online Today.
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Having a teenager who is going through a tough time with their mental health can be difficult. Many parents wonder what is going on and try to fix the problem themselves. You may even be wondering if you have done something wrong to cause your teenager to have certain mental health issues. What's going on with your teen may not have anything to do with you, but you can take steps to help them out.

Whether your teenager is dealing with anxiety issues or depression problems, reaching out to a dedicated professional who can help is a good start. Starting with your family doctor you may get a recommendation for therapy or for an evaluation by a psychiatrist. Follow the recommendations of your doctor or trusted health care provider. Therapy is frequently helpful for people of all ages who struggle with mental health issues.

Does My Teen Need Therapy?

Depending on how severe the situation is, you may wonder if your teen needs therapy.

It helps to be observant of your child's behavior. Make note of recent changes in behavior. A sudden mood shift may indicate that therapy will be helpful. Teens go through struggles just like everyone else. Depression, anxiety, and similar may require professional help.

Some signs to look out for include social isolation, showing signs of excessive worry, a lack of appetite, poor sleeping habits, self-destructive behaviors, and a lack of self-confidence. If your child or teen has any of these symptoms, then they may need to speak to a therapist. It could be a sign of a larger problem, or there could be issues that your child or teen has not opened up to you about. Either way, it is smart to be proactive and to try to get your child the help that they need.

Finding A Teen Therapist Near Me

There are many children's and teen's therapists to be found. Using online search tools is helpful in locating someone in your area. You can speak with your family doctor and trusted friends or family for recommendations in your local area.

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Some mental health issues benefit from both therapy and medication. Depending on what your teen is facing, both may be warranted. If your family doctor feels medication will be helpful, he or she may prescribe it or refer you to a psychiatrist who will do so. You can ask them about counseling options in your location.

A Therapist Can Turn Things Around

A therapist will work with you and your child to turn things around. Therapy is meant to create a safe environment where your child can discuss things that are happening in different parts of their lives. It may take a few sessions for your child to build trust and open up, but the therapist will work to make that happen. The therapist will evaluate the situation and your child and may refer you for medications if the doctor hasn't prescribed any. With therapy and proper care, mental health issues can be overcome.

It's Painful To Watch Your Child Struggle
Therapy Can Help - Get Matched With A Licensed Therapist Online Today.

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The results may not happen overnight as mental health struggles can be difficult to cope with. A therapist will work to help your child develop coping mechanisms so that they can get through life more effectively. They will also help to try to increase their self-confidence while steering them away from any self-destructive behaviors. When you work closely with a dedicated therapist, you can get the best possible results.

Online Child and Teen Therapy Is Also Available

Online teen therapy is also available. Online therapy has some advantages to traditional therapy. There is no need to miss school or work for appointments in most cases, and you and your child have the ability to message the therapist 24/7.

To add to this, online therapy is much more discreet than traditional types of therapy. It is possible that your child or teen may feel awkward or embarrassed about being told to go to therapy. Many people feel embarrassed about this type of thing, but online therapy is different. No one will know about online therapy, and it is much easier to keep the fact that your child is seeing a therapist private. Therapy is nothing to be ashamed of, but your child may like the fact that their friends won't have to see them going to a therapy center or office.

The convenience of online therapy is hard to deny. If you do not have a dedicated child therapy center in your town, then online children's therapy is the perfect option. You can have therapy sessions over the phone, or you can make use of video chat therapy. Either way, your child will receive the help that they deserve. Signing up for therapy is simple, and you will be able to see your child's situation improve over time.

If your child needs help, then do not hesitate to reach out to a therapist. They will be happy to help figure things out and will work diligently for you. Online therapists are fully licensed and ready to get started as soon as you make contact.

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