What Can Be Expected From Couple Therapy?

By BetterHelp Editorial Team|Updated April 20, 2022

Couple therapy can be useful for any couple as the sessions are meant to teach or train each spouse or partner how to handle arguments, issues, or conflicts as they come around. The sessions can even prepare couples for the signs that suggest a conflict should arise as well as prevent conflicts from occurring in the first place.

Successful couple therapy sessions are based on the premise that both partners are capable of considering the other's opinion, feelings, and perspective as they make decisions that affect both of them.

Issues can arise if couples are not effectively communicating or are not spending enough time with each other. These issues can be addressed and amended in one of two ways.

Going to Couple Therapy Sessions Together

By agreeing on a therapist, date, and time on a session is the first step in rebuilding or strengthening a relationship. If you are worried that you or your partner is uninterested in these sessions, it may comfort you to know that most couples who take part in this type of therapy are like that.

In fact, this may help your therapist better identify the problem or problems in your communication. As your therapist speaks with both of you and hears both sides of the story, he or she will be able to bring light to the issue and provide you with tips to better express yourself to your partner.

You will also learn to notice when your partner is angry or annoyed and how to properly react to these emotions.

Going to Couple Therapy by Yourself

As mentioned before, it is very likely that one of you will not want to go to couples therapy, but that does not mean that the other cannot go. As long as someone is there to either relay the information or fix the relationship from one end, couples therapy can still be effective.

When performed this way, it will be a great chance to see just how committed you are to your relationship, which also plays a large role in the strengthening of your relationship.

However, it is recommended that you should bring along your partner at least once during these sessions. Leaving your partner out for too long can cause him or her to feel unimportant or rejected, which can damage your relationship.


If you are currently looking to taking couples therapy, consider BetterHelp. This website performs this type of therapy amongst many others and your matched therapist will be able to assist you at any time through any manner that you prefer, whether it's through messaging, phone, or video chat.

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