What Is Shopping Therapy, And Can It Help Me?

Updated January 20, 2021

Medically Reviewed By: Lauren Guilbeault

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"Shopping therapy" is more commonly referred to as "retail therapy." Some people go out shopping when they have had a bad day, and will use the positive feelings that they get from buying new things to level out their mood. Just about everyone enjoys going shopping, so long as they are shopping for things that they are interested in. While spending money as an attempt to relieve stress or feel better can momentarily be therapeutic, shopping therapy is not an actual form of therapy.

Many people love going out and buying new items to add to their collections. Some people get really into buying shoes, and others wind up focusing on other areas of fashion. Some people get a lot of enjoyment out of buying records, and many people collect vintage video games. You can see how shopping is something that can be a lot of fun for people.

The problem is not with the shopping itself, but it is with the idea that shopping is a good way to improve your mental health. This is a dangerous idea, and it could wind up backfiring on you if you are not careful. If you have something bad happen in your life, then trying to brighten up your mood by buying things is not a healthy way to deal with it. If a loved one passes away, you need to process that grief and sadness. No amount of shopping therapy is truly going to make you feel better for very long.

Retail therapy is not something that is recommended. It can lead you to have compulsive spending habits, and this could wind up putting you in a financial bind. To avoid such problems, you should try to deal with your grief, anxiety, depression, or other issues properly. If your emotions are too strong and you are having trouble getting back to normal, then seeking out therapy is highly recommended.

Therapy Is Important

Therapy is very important when you are trying to deal with negative emotions. Most people do not process negative emotions or bad situations very well. It can lead to severe anxiety and depression symptoms if left unchecked. Your shopping sprees are not going to do a good job of addressing the root causes of your mental anguish either. That is why you need to seek out a real, licensed therapist to help you get through these troubling times.

There is not such a thing as a "shopping therapist." However, some therapists can help those with poor spending habits by identifying and addressing any underlying issues that they may have that trigger their need to shop. A therapist treating someone with a tendency to spend money compulsively can help figure out why they are making these choices and help them to practice better spending habits moving forward.

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When you want to move forward without breaking the bank, it is smart to reach out to a skilled therapist. A licensed therapist is going to be able to assist you no matter what problems you are dealing with. They know what it is like to deal with depression and anxiety. A therapist will be able to relate to you and will always be there to listen when you need someone to talk to.

Therapists can also provide you with important advice that will allow you to start making progress in life again. Sometimes tumultuous life events will cause you to fall into negative patterns. Depression may lead you to lose interest in things that you once loved. It can even complicate your relationships, making it tougher to see a happy future in the distance. Compassionate therapists understand what needs to be done to address these issues and they can start the process of healing.

How Does Therapy Help?

Therapy helps by giving you a chance to work through your issues. There are going to be causes for your anxiety and depression symptoms. Sometimes people don't even know what is making them so depressed in the first place. Through spending time talking with a licensed therapist, you can come to understand what is making you feel the way that you do.

Professionals know how to steer the conversation and get the necessary information. They can determine what you are going through and will always be there to guide you throughout the process. Even if you are in a vulnerable point in your life, therapists will be able to help you find your way back to a happy place. Having allies in the fight against depression and anxiety is important. Your therapist will be on your side through even the worst days.

Therapy is readily available too. If you feel like you would benefit from seeking out therapy, then you can go ahead and reach out to a therapist today. Speaking about your problems just might make a difference in your life. Continuing to seek happiness through shopping is not recommended, as it only puts you in a bad spot financially. Seek the true help that you need and talk to a dedicated therapist today.

Practical Ways To Alleviate Depression And Anxiety

There are many practical ways that you can go about dealing with depression and anxiety as well. If you are feeling down regularly, then trying to take part in healthy activities should make a difference. Negative emotions can sometimes be balanced out by adding more positive activities to your daily schedules. Therapy makes a big difference, and sometimes medication is necessary to treat issues such as depression. Even so, combining these positive actions with your normal treatments will give you great results.

Try to commit to an exercise routine if you can. Those positive endorphins that get released when you are shopping are also released when you get a good workout. Working out can make you feel fantastic, and it will improve your overall physical health. Building a better body can help to make you feel better about life in general, so it is smart to get some exercise whenever possible. Even if you just start small, it will make you feel better.

Start thinking about what you eat as well. It may be nice to indulge in junk food sometimes, but certain foods can contribute to depression. Try to eat a healthy and balanced diet whenever it is possible. This is going to improve your mood, and you will be able to perform better at work.

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You should also try to take part in activities that you love. Try to do positive things to help yourself feel better. Some people love to play basketball with their friends. Others may be passionate about music and will find enjoyment in playing the guitar or other instruments. Simply take the time to do things that make you happy. It makes more of a difference than you may realize.

Online Therapy Options Are Available

There are also online therapy options that you can consider. Some people do not have the time to see a therapist in person. This means that normal types of therapy may not be as practical for everyone to take advantage of. Online therapy is completely different as you will be able to set up your schedule for going through the therapy sessions.

When you have a flexible therapy schedule to work with, it will be that much easier to work through your issues. It will be possible to start overcoming what has been holding you back in life. If you need to speak with a therapist in the evenings, then you will have that option. You can pursue weekend therapy or reach out at any time that you feel the need. This is an extremely patient-friendly therapy option that is preferable in the modern era.

Aside from this, it allows you to seek out therapy in a private way. Some people will feel a little bit embarrassed about their problems. Even though mental health struggles are nothing to be embarrassed about, it is still true that many people like to keep the matters private. It is easier to go to therapy discreetly when you can do it from the comfort of your own home. The only people who will be aware of your therapy sessions are you and your online therapists. There is no need to drive to an office or advertise what you are doing.

It is also very cost-effective to seek out therapy in this way too. This is often going to be the most practical way for patients to seek therapy. Whether you need help due to being depressed or if you want to get therapy for your compulsive spending habits, online therapists will have your back. You can get the help that you need without having to spend as much money as you would at a traditional therapy office.

You can go ahead and sign up for online therapy today if you feel like it would benefit. Signing up for the therapy is very fast, and there are several therapy options available. You can speak with a therapist over the phone, or you can discuss matters with them through video therapy. There are even text message and e-mail therapy options for people who would prefer that. This is a balanced option that puts the power of choice in your hands.

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