10 Time Management Apps To Help You Enhance Your Life

Updated March 05, 2020

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Nowadays, there's an app for everything. The same goes for helping you manage your time. A time management app can be a lifesaver, thanks to those push notifications. They can be a pain or a blessing, depending on the app. With a time management app, these notifications tend to be more the latter. It's almost like the app remembered that you forgot about that upcoming paper and wanted to remind you of it before you got into serious trouble.

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Here are 10 of the best time management apps you could download. Because, let's face it, when you need to use an app to help you manage your time, you shouldn't just settle for any old time management software. You want to be sure that the app you pick matches your needs and will help you, rather than taking up precious space on your phone.

  1. Workflow

One of the great things about the iOS app Workflow is how customizable it is. You need a time management app to have a certain level of flexibility to be able to account for the different kinds of projects and tasks you have going on in your life, and Workflow has it. Workflow syncs up with everything from Uber to YouTube, and it features over 200 actions to help you get on track with your projects and assignments.

Here's a nice feature of Workflow: you can send shortcuts to your phone that, when clicked, perform a batch of actions all at once. This helps you reduce the amount of time you would otherwise waste on performing the same actions over and over again to accomplish the same goal.

2. Clear

Just like Workflow, Clear is easy to customize and may even be more flexible than Workflow in that it operates on multiple systems (iOS, OS X, and even the Apple Watch). With Clear, you can set up categories that fit within a particular theme. For example, you can set up tasks related to your job under a Work category, and tasks related to college under a School category. Or, you can get funky with it, organizing everything from presents you need to buy (and for whom) to movies you want to see this year and their release dates. Have fun with it!

Clear also makes syncing a breeze, as it ties up automatically with your iCloud, marking off tasks as you accomplish them. It also sends you reminders and pushes notifications, so now you have no excuse for missing your deadlines.

3. RescueTime

If you find yourself constantly wondering where the days go, then RescueTime is the app for you. Why? Because it keeps track of how much time you spend on certain websites. So, if you tell yourself "I'll just kill a little time by going on Facebook." RescueTime can show you that, in fact, you waste three hours of your workday on Facebook when you could otherwise be getting work done.

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There's a catch, though: it isn't free. There's a trial period of 14 days and, after that, you can choose to pay $9 a month, or pay $72 for the year and enjoy four months free of charge. RescueTime is also ideal in that it works in both mobile and desktop formats.

4 Wunderlist

Wunderlist is a neat little app because it helps to keep a to-do list going for multiple people. So if, say, you're planning a birthday party for one of your family members, and you want to coordinate with other family members, you all can sign into the app and see what your responsibilities are and when they're due, rather than wasting time leaving messages for or emailing people who forget to get back to you while time keeps marching on.

This is also helpful in a professional sense because the team can set goals for themselves on Wunderlist, and then come back and update the list when they've been able to accomplish one of those goals. This is a super-easy way for the whole team to see where they're at without having to organize a status meeting.

5. Slack

Slack is, essentially, a professional way of connecting via social media. Slack users can tie up using private chat rooms, conversation threads, or direct messages, and they can upload what they are currently working on to easily share it with the group. There are also plenty of features available that make it loads easier to collaborate on projects together, which saves time by making those group meetings infinitely more efficient.

There is a free, basic version of Slack available. However, if you want something with a little more gusto, you can pay $6.67 a month for the "standard" version, or $12.50 a month for the Plus plan - both of which, of course, boast additional features that may be beneficial to you and your team.

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6. Focus@Will

Okay, this one is neat. Do you find it difficult to focus when you're trying to study or working on a project, wasting hours staring at the same two sentences without understanding what you're reading? Focus@Will is wonderful for helping you tune out the world around you by providing you with background music that it determines is best suited for your personality type. How cool is that?

The app asks you a couple of questions, then matches you up to a customized music channel that they claim has been proven to increase your focus four-fold. You can still access any of the remaining 50 channels, but you will be able to return to your personalized channel that has been set up to help you personally be more efficient and productive.

This app, too, costs money. You get the first three weeks for free. After that, the fee is $3.99 per month. It works on both mobile and desktop, so you can always have your personalized channel with you.

7. Remember The Milk

Remember the Milk is another app for keeping lists of things to do in check, but this one just sounds so much more fun. Imagine recommending it to your friends. "Do you have to Remember the Milk? I use it all the time."

Remember the Milk allows you to share the lists you make with others so that tasks get done more efficiently, and everyone stays in the loop. Plus, you don't have to deal with the weight of trying to remember everything. With an app like Remember the Milk, you can essentially "write" everything down without having to worry about misplacing the paper you wrote on.

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8. 30/30

30/30 is a neat app because, in addition to assigning tasks to yourself, you can also estimate how much time each activity may take you to complete. This is the very essence of time management software: helping you better manage your time.

What's great about 30/30 is that it does not operate with the same principal as a calendar. So, if you stray from what you were supposed to do on any day, in particular, you can simply come back to the task when you have more time. It doesn't go away simply because the date has changed. This is fantastic for those of us who need those reminders about things left unfinished.

A calendar will often remind you of the new things to do each day but forget the old. 30/30 has you covered both ways.

9. Gmail Calendar

If you use Gmail, then you may not need to download any new apps at all because you already have a great one built right into your email: Calendar. Gmail's Calendar feature is highly customizable, sending reminders that you can set up for anytime from minutes before an event to days before-hand. You can even set annual reminders, which are incredibly helpful for those of us who are terrible at remembering birthdays.

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10. Timely

Rounding out this list is the time management app Timely. Timely is a helpful little tool because it doesn't rely on the time that you think a project will take. Instead, it monitors how long a project is taking you in real time so you can more efficiently plan out the time you have left until the workweek is up.

As you track your time in Timely, the app gets better at predicting how long certain tasks will take you, based on the length of time you reported they took in the past. This gives you a much more realistic snapshot of how long certain projects are taking you, which can give you the insight you need to delegate better those projects that simply take up way more of your time to someone who may be better suited to handle them.

Plus, when you can see right in front of you how your time is allotted during an average workweek, you will be better equipped to plan out the weeks to come.

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