I can’t afford this. Need help with alcoholism.

I can’t afford this treatment. I’m unemployed with no income. I need help with coping skills for stress and anxiety. I suffer from alcoholism. Is there any free counseling? Even if it’s just once in a while.
Asked by Fred



I commend you in wanting to recover from alcoholism. Thanks for reaching out with your question. It is not easy admitting we need help, and you are showing courage in reaching our for help. I am sorry to hear that you are unemployed. You are right that coping skills and managing stress and anxiety helps to reduce the need for alcohol to remedy problems. Have you tried reaching out to an Alcohol Anonymous support group or engaging in one or two sessions to help establish some goals to work on? Thanks for reaching our with your question. Alcohol Anonymous groups are locally in most areas and are great supportive groups. These groups are also important because you will be among those who understand your struggles and can offer hope in difficult times. The sponsor system is essential and provides a guide to help during the challenges of recovery.

Some important things to remember is that changing people, places, and things will be so key. This is important because people, places, or things may trigger old habits that may lead to posssibly drinking. This is especially true about environments also. 

One significant part of recovery is family support. Have you informed family members that you are trying to stop driking and are interested in professional help. Resarch supports that family involvment in recovery increases chances of sobriety. Who in your family is an asset to your sobriety and are willing to help you and attend family groups that help family members understand alcohol addiction.

Have you tried stop drinking in the past? What was helpful? What do you think was a challenge and how are you preparing to overcome these challenges this time around? 

Recovery is a large task to navigate on your own. Counseling services can help you establish goals and work on other areas that you may feel have been impacted by your history of drinking.


I hope this summary is helpful, and again I commend you for stepping out on your journey of recovery. Have faith in yourself, and believe that you can have recovery.

Take care, stay safe, and be well!


Meridith Graham, LISW-CP